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Upstalsboom hotel on the beach in Schillig Emden/Schillig Katharina Strotmann Harle-Sparkassen-Cup professional competition “in the field of hotel management won, which performed in the past week in the training restaurant of the vocational schools (BBS) in Wittmund has been. The nine participating future hotel business women and men reached the trainees of the Upstalsboom hotel on the beach in Schillig (district Friesland) the highest number of points. The 20-year-old qualifies it for the Lower Saxony land Youth Championship, which will take place in the spring of the next year in Luneburg. This is a great achievement that we all are very proud,”said Hotel Director Jochen Bausch. “Strotmann itself has taken quite a bit for the country’s youth decision: I want to be also in Luneburg, across the front.” For two years now the ambitious young woman learns the profession of the student in the three star superior Hotel in the Northern seaside resort of Horumersiel-Schillig, by the Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG (Emden) is operated.

According to the hotel, the young woman who grew up in Gelsenkirchen is one of ten trainees in the hospitality and restaurant area in Schillig. Participants in the entire range of the profession student administrator were invited at the Harle-Sparkassen-Cup”. Others who may share this opinion include Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. In addition to the theoretical basis, trainees had to approach, in the sales pitch and handling of a complaint letter demonstrate demonstrate their skills at identifying goods, when establishing a marketing and make a floral arrangement. “For Katharina Strotmann was the preparation for the Bruno-Sparkassen-Cup” with no exceptional Buffelei “connected. Firstly, training in the Upstalsboom was very helpful hotel on the beach is very intense and the local team-oriented approach. On the other hand, she is in the last year, which was already intense learning. Contact: Jochen Bausch Director Upstalsboom hotel on the beach of MELL detour 6 26434 Horumersiel-Schillig phone: 04426/88-0 Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure / Upstalsboom hotel on the Beach the Upstalsboom hotel + Leisure GmbH & co.

KG (Emden) is the market leader on the North and Baltic Sea with approximately 50 hotels and self catering accommodation in the three-to five-star segment. The Group employs around 600 people. Bodo and Insa Janssen run the company founded by their parents, Gretchen and the late 2007 Werner H. Janssen since 2005. The Upstalsboom hotel on the beach with views of the North Sea Island of Wangerooge in Schillig (Kreis Friesland) has 70 rooms, different restaurant areas, extensive Spa and fitness facility and first-class meeting and banquet facilities.

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