Human Sciences

Result, it does not say anything! It is why it takes refuge, like all the writers, after the complexity of the man. Estudiar the phosphorus, it is well! To analyze the lambs, is a little more difficult, but, compared a man, a lamb, it is much more simple. As far as the man, this he […]

The Messages

In the truth, to become an eschatological study a historical, etimolgica, symbolic evaluation becomes necessary, psychological and, because not to say, spiritual of the messages that deal with the revelation. The biggest difficulty, however, to become an eschatological interpretation says doctrinal respect of the interaction of these evaluations without personal influence or interests, not it […]

Smashing Pumpkins

That it comes stops making in them better. That it comes to fill the gap left for the time. That it comes to take away mark of time the marks that the life made. That it is for markdowning through the prettiest feelings. If the love to come that the necessary time lasts stops making […]

Chipa Chipa

Pedro Ernesto Escurra Franco) nE ePOTY VORE (POETIC fragment) CHE REMBIASAKUE Ky? indy tava oka Teta arandu ryru Arroyo has nu pora Loma Pytame ajuhu Luikue has Sanja Hu Tenda chevy Tower step Jakarey Moreno ahague has Tovatingua Mandu ape ahejata Ka ka’aguy has ysyrype Akaray Yguasupe Monday has Parana step Romero has Laura Juanita […]