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Human Sciences

Result, it does not say anything! It is why it takes refuge, like all the writers, after the complexity of the man. Estudiar the phosphorus, it is well! To analyze the lambs, is a little more difficult, but, compared a man, a lamb, it is much more simple. As far as the man, this he is much more complicated, subtler, finer! . I was there from my professional race until I had, does about twenty years, the surprising opportunity to find Jean Gagnepain, and to turn to me into one of its disciples. Quickly I learned that to preach a true knowledge on the man it supposed that we demolish the main obstacles to arrive this new knowledge, beginning by its famous Faculties of Letters and Human Sciences. Indeed, if, for example, they go away to the Renaissance will be able to state that the humanism could not take it but until they were under the feat of Rabelais and company, the lock of the Sorbona was obstructed. But, at that time, Sorbonicolegiales of was exactly equal yesterday to those of now, looked for to reform, to adapt. But there were others, more shone that they included/understood that all reform was already the condemned: another thing could not be done.

This is exactly what Jean Gagnepain had understood. In the time in the humanism it finishes and it begins anti humanism, that is to say the one of the treatment of the man by the man who presides to the sprouting of a true Science of the man, is time to take brings back to consciousness of the main obstacle at the beginning of this new era. The problem of the formation, not only for morning, but already also for today, happened through the liquidation of the writers. It is certain that if literate the present ones became enemies, this succeeded after to have been the most beautiful florero of the University humanist.

The Messages

In the truth, to become an eschatological study a historical, etimolgica, symbolic evaluation becomes necessary, psychological and, because not to say, spiritual of the messages that deal with the revelation. The biggest difficulty, however, to become an eschatological interpretation says doctrinal respect of the interaction of these evaluations without personal influence or interests, not it runs away, therefore, to the same joined difficulties inside of the hermeneutic study or exegese. Many of apocalyptic literatures treat to supply information necessary to bring to tona the truths that if they judge disclosed. Verifying the content and the literary style, it can be concluded that the messages, before being religious, defend the matrix of interest of the proper author, or still, psychological reactions influenced by the historical moment at which it met inserted. 3.ANFIBIOLOGIA 2 OF the DOUBT Independent, of the forged interpretations, the false ideologies presented for the scholars, that auto if they judge owners of a possible Truth, the comparative analogies between the forecasts scientific and the historical prophecies, they in such a way confirm great number of coincidences of events in what it says respect to those predicted in the past, how much the ones that tell futursticos events.

If the nature goes to suffer radical transformations in its structure, does not have doubt, if because of the man or for cosmic phenomena, the truth that as much the astrology, as astronomy agrees to this point. The system politician is under the power of a man, the ideological monopoly of the world, waited for diverse religions. Science, in turn, through the comment, of the statistics of studies and experiments has proven that many of these vises correspond With the facts. Not to make a simple comparison of the facts With the forecasts or prophecies, would be simply to become insane in the traditions of the world and to run away from a reality each next and fatalista time.

Travel Time

Answering this question is not so common as easy as it sounds. In connection with this problem almost 450 years ago was a mistake that caused great concern to many people. Almost three years sailed the oceans of the first expedition around the world led by Magellan. Magellan himself died during the trip and five ships that set off, only the ship "Victoria" returned to Seville on September 6, 1522. The ship was almost destroyed and he, of 265 men who had left, returned only 18, weak, sick and thin as skeletons. Directly from the boat carrying lighted candles in their hands, trembling with weakness, he went to the cathedral of Seville to ask God for forgiveness of sins without knowing it and without wanting to, they had made during the long voyage. yCuales were these sins? On the way back when a group of marine Victoriaa a landed on the islands of Cape Verde to buy supplies and water they saw on the islands, that day was Thursday, however, in the "Victoria" in accordance with the Logbook was Wednesday. When the a Victoriaa came to Seville was no doubt that in the Official On-Board had erred in one day.

They had left a day without counting. The big sin that caused so much concern was that the sailors had all the religious festivals celebrated a day earlier than due. Therefore, in the cathedral of all knee asking God's forgiveness for their sins. The most interesting case was that the Marines were not wrong. In the Diary of Onboard were marked every day. And where was the secret of the mistake? The Earth spins on its axis from west to east, and every 24 hours makes a full turn. Magellan's expedition was in the opposite direction, from east to west.

During the three years that was the trip, the sailors gave a complete revolution around the Earth but in the opposite direction which moves Earth. Thus during the three years they walked around than our planet, and that was the day that they lacked. If the expedition had made the trip in the same direction as the Earth spins from West to East, the opposite had happened, they'd been around more than Earth. When the distances are small, the time difference is small, but large distances is not the same. If at 12 pm on December 31 sent a message by e-mail from Moscow to Managua, the message will be received in Managua where they will be at 3 pm on December 31. That is, the message will receive nine hours before being sent.

Smashing Pumpkins

That it comes stops making in them better. That it comes to fill the gap left for the time. That it comes to take away mark of time the marks that the life made. That it is for markdowning through the prettiest feelings. If the love to come that the necessary time lasts stops making in them happy.

E in case the love is even so, that sadness in its place does not leave. If the love to come exactly, that it comes entrancing. That it comes to extirpar all and any pain. That it comes to make to be born the least a flower in this garden, that makes of me a better man. Tomorrow any is our excuse That it has touched to the love and it makes to feel you a great woman if the love to come that in shows the way to them to follow and that the walked one for our account leaves. It does not doubt because you already are ready love to come when it. If to come, will come with brightness in the look, looking at of predilection and desire of love in the soul and the heart. With video of music Thirty Three Smashing Pumpkins

Chipa Chipa

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