Aloe Vera Products

Aloe Vera products in the shops right buy the Empress of medicinal plants – Aloe Vera that Aloe Vera is for millennia as a medicinal herb known. When the Mayas, or Egyptians, there were pictures in. But only in the last century it has become possible to make stable Aloe Vera gel. This originated a lot of Aloe Vera products. These differ, for one, used Aloe Vera plant material and the intended use.

The Aloe Vera leaf that gives Aloe Vera leaf two different raw materials fro. This is the aloe vera gel and the bitter Aloes. The Aloin is the bitter yellow juice. This is located between the skin of the leaf and Aloe Vera gel. The yellow juice protects the plant from predation as well as the thorns of the leaf skin. The Aloin is usually dried and used for laxatives.

This should be heard on the advice of the doctor. Dean Ornish M.D is open to suggestions. You should not use permanently Yes a laxative. The aloe vera gel mainly consists of water. This can save the Aloe Vera a long time. It can take several months without rain. In still a lot of ingredients contained this gel. So far, about 200 active ingredients are known. This combination could be adjusted so far in any laboratory. On the market there are a number of products which have depicted an Aloe Vera today. Until recently, I saw a cream with an acquaintance with the image of Aloe Vera. In the content substance information you could see nothing but it. Look at the ingredients of the product. Only a picture of the Aloe Vera says nothing about it. Quality of Aloe Vera products: therefore you should buy Aloe Vera products on the following eighth: indication of the percentage of the aloe vera gel in the product label of the IASC (International Aloe Science Council), which is a voluntary association of Aloe Vera manufacturers. Derma test SGS Institut Fresenius quality seal products should be used not a concentrate. The combination of active ingredients of the Aloe Vera reduces the water supply. The effect is so bad. Would rather pay a higher price and get the aloe vera gel in the product. Only then the active ingredients can be optimally unfold. Buy only quality high quality Aloe Vera products. Your body should be worth to you. OLAF Glosch

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