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Cuisine Styles

An ideal kitchen is that it is well organized and is pleasing to the eye! The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the House. Kitchen furniture provide storage and set the tone for the style of the room. Perhaps your old kitchen cabinets doors are well made and sturdy yet, but aesthetically worn and broken. Being so you can plan a renovation of their kitchen cabinets doors and give new decor to your kitchen in general. Different styles of doors in kitchen cabinets to achieve a different look in your kitchen there are a few different styles of doors.

Firstly we must flush doors. Smooth doors are designed to look like a table of wood without coating or recessed panel. Then there’s recessed panel door; recessed panel door style is when the centerpiece of the front of the Cabinet is thrown backwards. This style allows the cabinet door has a more contemporary feel in the kitchen. Recessed panel can be in different styles.

There is also a door panels in relief which rises the central panel of the front of the Cabinet. Embossed panels can be solid wood, wood veneer. It is also the high Cathedral style door, which is more complex, where panels embossed look like the beak of a cathedral or raised panel arch, is where the central panel is slightly arched at the top. You can mix and match with a myriad of door styles of kitchen cabinets and achieve transforming your kitchen into a cozy place and the style of your personal taste.

Cartridge White

One of the flowers with the most elegant image and attractive presence in gardens and floral arrangements, is the white cartridge; since they have a unique beauty, given by its shape and its distinctive color, full of grace and sobriety. What has led to this is one of the flowers more employed in various celebrations of ceremonies, such as marriages, where the white cartridge has a privileged place in the various arrangements and bouquets that adorn the main room. The white cartridge also receives different common names, which include cala, cala Lily water, alcatraz, Ethiopia, cartridge, Lily ring; receives the scientific name of Zantedeschia aethiopica, which is due to a dedication to the botanical Zantedeschi. Its origin takes place in the region of the Cape, in South Africa; so is of tropical origin. Does the white cartridge belongs to the family of the? raceas.

It is a herbaceous plant of vivacious longevity; vegeta at coast of a large fleshy underground stem, which manages to give a regrowth to the passing of each year. The white cartridge this provided a few roots rhizomatous, from which are born a few leaves and flower stems; leaves present an image similar to arrow keys, since they are pointed toward the tip and with very pronounced midrib, are also meaty and accompanied by a bright color, are sustained thanks to a petiole, which presents a double length than the blade. The main attraction that presents the cartridge white and therefore the reason for its cultivation, are the husks, as are organs decorative, very similar to the petals, which are accompanied by a pleasant aroma; So what is believed to be the flower in white cartridge, is not more than a modified leaf, which surrounds the spadix, i.e. to the true floral organ of white cartridge, which is erect and a characteristic yellow colour. The appearance of the husks is given with the conditions of the summer, showing off his beautiful image until the end of the autumn. The passage of one year should be given to the new regrowth.

In the stage prior to flowering, white cartridge you need a good amount of water, but after flowering the irrigation should decrease in good quantity. Something very useful to accelerate the processes of this flower, make a cut until the white cartridge perform the seed production, fact that will be passed to that flourish once again throughout the year. The white cartridge produces berries, which are contained in the calyx and are pale yellow; However you can not always present fruiting. The cartridge white for being a semi-acuatica flower, if you want to plant in a pot needs to stay partially submerged in water. If he wants to put in gardens, it is ideal to put it near a pond, also in bedding and accompanied by shade or semi-shade, wet corners.

Mul Key

There are several types of devices that can distinguish the characteristic shape of a key. The so-called “English”, “Finnish” and cross code cylinders (Fig. 3, position 2, 3 and 4) used a long time and are quite common. Their disadvantage is the low level of secrecy: sometimes similar lock can be opened by simply picking up like a key. Modern cylinders of “Euro profile (Fig. 3, position 1), by contrast, have increased privacy. On a flat surface the keys to this type of locks are dotted grooves.

Reliability is determined by the lock their number: it should be no less than five. Forge or pick up a key is almost impossible. Many manufacturers use in their products with more secrets and special technical solutions that make it difficult the use of master keys. To open a high-quality cylinder lock mid-level of secrecy, even the experienced thief will take at least an hour. It is unlikely that so long “racket” might go unnoticed.

And some models impossible to “cheat” in principle. In addition, the design of modern cylinder locks of the leading manufacturers (EVVA, Mul-t-lock, cisa, etc.) provides protection against knock-cylinder, breaking the “turn” (when the with a sledgehammer hammer hardened steel plate and the lever sharply crank it, breaking the lock) and “Bumping” (unlock code mechanism for tapping on the key). The main use of three or Four-lock, providing locking doors in several directions (up, down, and loop of the frame). And in the lock part, he should have at least three broad bolts (locking rod) from the stable alloy.

Agustin Moreno

5 keys to survive situations boundaries to learn the basic techniques of survival will allow any person dealing with a situation of extreme danger and basic conditions. In a very simple way to list then that is what you must learn to survive outdoors: key to survival 1) assess ecosystem. This is the main measure you have to keep in mind when spending some time in contact with nature. Once you have studied the picture of everything around you is important you see a part of him. This means that you can see you as a complement of the same, so you can have a better reference than you can take of the in pursuit of a personal benefit. Key to survival 2) ability to organize trips with security. This point is applicable mainly in situations, it could be said of disasters.

The preservation of life here is the initial concern. Is why highly-logical would be, as one of the first steps trying to locate the output more secure If it is a closed place with very poor conditions to survive in the. Key to survival 3) knowing strengths and weaknesses themselves and each other. This point is to take the group to a total unit level. If you get to share this situation with other people, who keep the harmony and the group will, it is essential to move forward. Having a full understanding that we are all different and all have strengths and weaknesses at the same time, will allow us to take stock of the different skills that has the Group and highlight them and at the same time tolerate those who are more weak in some respects.

The union within the group must keep respecting the individuality of each one. Survival 4 key) create bonds of cohesion and work in team. This is linked to the previous point. Keeping the union within the group are you can get ahead. Perhaps necessary coordination of a leader that will emerge naturally by the personality of each one. Key to survival 5) learn the value of things simple. Learn what more you can in this situation, you would give incomparable power. Because really the everyday as something magical. All those things to which you are accustomed take vital importance here. You begin to appreciate those little things of common life. Until here the 5 key ways to survive in extreme situations who is oriented? People in general, that absolutely everyone is exposed to a situation of disaster in the course of our life methodology. The course will be theoretical – practical presentation classes in the classroom and in the field, ensuring the full participation of students at all times. In addition to work in groups to apply in treated subjects. Evaluation. 100% Participation in the workshop, approve the work required by the program. Contents. Theoretical introduction to survival. Psychology of survival survival techniques. Practical. Signals water refuge fire guidance work techniques in machine? Sincerely, Agustin Moreno dedicated to your success in life in a situation of danger end.


For many years effective treatments have sought to combat such diseases without going to convince us at all. We know that the treatments more effective and first choice against cancer are chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but we also know that there are some side effects like: dry skin blisters diarrhea fatigue hair loss nausea and vomiting infertility and until secondary cancer in terms of autoimmune diseases treatment consists of the correction of any major deficiency caused by it. For example, the administration of hormones that are not being produced by a gland, such as thyroxin in autoimmune disease of the thyroid or insulin in type I diabetes. In autoimmune diseases that affect the blood, treatment may involve the replacement of components through blood transfusion. Commonly used medications are corticosteroids. More severe diseases can be treated with other more powerful immunosuppressive drugs, such as cyclophosphamide and azathioprine. However, all these drugs can quickly damage tissues whose cells are in the process of division, such as the spinal cord, so they should be used with caution. Nowadays there are important innovations and impressive advances of modern medicine.

There are recent studies that reveal that transfer factors are very effective in the treatment of many diseases (including cancer and the autoimmune). Many diseases are the result of a malfunction of our immune system which is in charge of defending ourselves from any pathogen that enter or is within our body. These transfer factors are the intelligence of the immune system. They are vital in the development of strategies against the disease and invading germs. Stored chemical pictures of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. This information is transferred to various cells of combat within the immune system will fight to the enemy. The battle against the disease is a race between the immune cells and invaders.

If the germs win, you will get sick or even worse die. When immune cells win the race, you will stay well health. Transfer factors are also mobilizing to natural killer cells (Natural Killer) and lead them to fight against the cancer cells. In addition certain components of transfer factors modulate the immune system to keep you optimally without attacking the body and cause autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Diabetes, and other numerous ailments. In conclusion you take the transfer factors as an alternative treatment against cancer and autoimmune diseases safely every day, since it is a natural supplement and has no toxic effect for your organism.

Single Transformers

In single-phase voltage transformer 6 to 10 kV mainly be applicable molded insulation. Cast resin transformers in whole or in part (one winding) are filled insulating compound (epoxy resin). These transformers are intended for indoor use, compares favorably to the oil: have smaller mass and dimensions, and almost maintenance-free operation. Three-phase double voltage transformers have the usual trehsterzhnevye magnetic circuits, and triple-wound – Single-armor. Three-phase winding transformer is a group of three single-phase single-pole units, the windings are connected to the respective scheme. Three-phase winding voltage transformers in the old series (until 1968-1969).

Bronesterzhnevye have magnetic cores. Three-phase transformer less weight and dimensions than the group of three single-phase transformers. If you are working three-phase transformer for a reserve is necessary to have another transformer at full capacity in oil-immersed transformers main insulating and cooling medium is transformer oil. Transformer oil is composed of a magnetic circuit, windings, tank, lid with vvodami.Magnitoprovod collect isolated from each other (for reduce losses to eddy currents) cold-rolled electrical steel sheets. The windings are made of copper or aluminum wire. To regulate the voltage HV winding has branches that connect to switch. In transformers are two kinds of switching branches: load – LTC (load control) and no-load, after disconnecting the transformer from the network – WSP (without switching the excitation). The most common method of second voltage regulation as the most simple. In addition to these oil-cooled transformers (TM) vypuskayutsyatransformatory in hermetically sealed (TMG), in which the oil is not communicates with the air and, therefore, excluded its rapid oxidation and hydration.

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