Buenos Aires

Ruth was born into a Jewish family. His brother four years older than she was always a favorite with his mother. All that did was cause for celebration and adulation. Instead Ruth never heard a compliment or a word of praise or a loving kiss. It was useless to do anything to get his liking.

Nothing was important enough for his mother to give her a loving gesture. From an early age she noticed the difference and was always like a cross that led to back. A cross that without a doubt, I felt very heavy. His father was a man who led a double life. He had a family in Buenos Aires and one in La Pampa and did not pay much attention ever. He spent very little time with them and with his wife and that time there was just something very rewarding, because the humor acre of both towards a dent in the two children.

Also frequently used to get drunk and when he returned to his partying whizzed through the air, everything in its path, including his children if he stood in the way, so that the two used confined to the room to avoid having to endure. His brother liked equally the physical chemistry. More than liked, one could say he was passionate. I used to do experiments by following the instructions of a book and at times caused little damage, but his mother never bothered and never punished him for them, always found an excuse to excuse it.

Olympics Child

For example, a young mom in a hurry to hire a baby sitter and go to work. I'm not talking about the moms, who are forced to do so by force of circumstances. Mom, who above all value career, justified by the fact that doing it for the sake of the child. After all, he can be proud of his mother, who has had some elevation in this life. K Also, if your family will not only Dad, this is a beneficial effect on the budget, which means the child will have all the best. Probably a good thing. But we must not forget that the most valuable thing for a child – it's mom.

Caring, affectionate, good that even a very good nurse can not replace. And my mom needs more right now, as he quite small, and not later when he grows up and has made friends for their interests. And how many Mom loses herself. After watching as your baby takes its first steps, says the first words, first performs feats and discoveries – it's incomparable I once heard a woman who had just lost her daughter, said: "I have so little to give it time. Now I would give anything to hug her, but … ' She began to cry. To me these words engraved in the memory like a thorn, I was expecting a child. Now my daughter 2.5 years and I am happy to have the opportunity to be close to her.

I want to enjoy this wonderful time that will never happen again. Happiness is a relative concept, it is at everyone and not always expressed in something tangible. People who find themselves in a wheelchair, dreaming of his legs to run on the green grass. A single woman he sees his happiness in motherhood. The athlete wants to participate in the Olympics and pobedit.I that's fine. But what if these dreams will not come true? Well, if the person seeking to the purpose, can find joy in today dne.Inache, it suffer great disappointment. But as we know, not everyone can handle it. Not worth chasing illusions. Rejoice that there is. God loves the grateful people who are happy what they have. So it makes even more. Stop for a moment and try to see everything that is around you. Perhaps what you are looking for a very close, close at hand. Do not put off happiness for tomorrow. Be happy today!