Breast Cancer

What is cancer This question has already asked the doctors in antiquity, because tumors are known for a long time. Today we know that a cancerous tumor may start from a single cell, which has transformed itself from a normal cell into a cancer cell. This can happen anywhere in the body and therefore there are so many different cancers – such as breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Only with mammography (X-rays) or ultrasound may be) (ultrasound can see it. It often takes several years from the first cancer cell to a tumor. Breast cancer in young women is growing faster than average in the elderly. For this reason, it would be for every woman from 30 To be examined age wise regularly, even if you have no complaints, because breast cancer usually does not hurt! The earlier breast cancer is detected, the greater are the chances of recovery. Recognize early – before you act in time, bending, if you periodically after your menstrual periodChest scan. Not about any changes in the chest you need to worry. Smaller and larger nodes recede by itself, you experience fluid retention, as well as in almost every woman in front of the menstrual period. Only rarely developed from breast cancer. Tips for self-examination Stand with arms hanging down in front of the mirror and be always aware of the size, shape, skin color of her breast, but also on possible changes in your nipples. The same applies even when arms raised and from the side. Put your right hand flat on the left chest, left arm is raised. Now begin gently with your fingers all the breast tissue without having to scan pressure for lumps and changes. In the axillary lymph nodes to nodules and should be scanned. By pressing the nipple should be observed if any liquid leaks. Now repeat this study with the left hand on the right chest. Once you change in shape and size ofSee breasts, small nodules, lumps or swelling of the lymph nodes or notice that your nipples are changing color and shape are recovered or leaking fluid, you should as soon as possible, consult a gynecologist. Do not wait, perhaps out of an unfounded fear. Many changes are harmless, but also malignant development may be stopped early or treated with surgery are small. Possible causes of the cancer, the exact causes of the disease of cancer are still unknown. Probably several factors contribute cooperate. Furthermore, should a chronic weakening of the immune system (such as by a persistent physical or psychological stress that favor by smoking or alcohol consumption), high fat diet and obesity, as well as the emergence of environmental toxins. To be a mistake to eliminate even be said that breast cancer itself can not be inherited, but only the predisposition to cancer. About cancer can now speak freely.Nevertheless, many people still avoid the word “cancer”. So it does not sound so threatening to use patients, their families but also physicians liked the neutral term “tumor”. But not everyone is a cancerous tumor. There are many benign tumors, in which the tissue grows, the distinguished but in contrast to malignant tumors remain in place and form no tumors. Especially in recent years in the treatment of some cancers, significant progress has been made. Nevertheless, it is not in sight, that cancer can be beaten in the near future. With a healthy lifestyle can indeed reduce the risk of cancer, are not excluded. Therefore, early detection is very important. Many cancers can be successfully treated if they are discovered in time. Go to the regular screening tests and check with your doctor if you notice any change itself. Many patients after treatment is good and they can reach an advanced age. Although cancerare not yet curable, are home to many affected by the therapy for many years a normal life. And that means that you can not only remain alive, but in life.

Clinical Interview Clinical

Clinical Interview clinical interview is the process of communication that occurs between doctor and patient, in the development of their profession. Communication is the interaction that occurs between at least two people who exchange messages and get each other become aware of their feelings and ideas through verbal and nonverbal. The aim of the clinical interview the patient’s attention is to solve a health problem. To achieve this objective should be to create a good doctor-patient relationship where the physician should apply his expertise and his humanity and patient trust.

Madrid Dentists

Advice of a cepillado dentist of Madrid for a correct one (II) For cepillar the teeth, there are several methods and in its center of dental medicine in Madrid they will teach to him of first hand what is the best one for you and its mouth. In this article I allow myself to offer general rules: Systematics: To follow whenever cepillemos us the same order not to forget to us any surface of any tooth. For example: 1 above by outside, 2 above by the palate, 3 down by the side of the cheek, 4 by the side of the language, without behind forgetting surfaces between tooth and tooth and last teeth. Later the language. Angulacin: The position of the brush changes according to the different methods, but the primary target is to eliminate the plate that is in the furrow that form between enca and the tooth (in all their perimeter) interproximales Zones: In order to eliminate the plate between tooth and tooth we used soothes dental, that with practical is easy to use, without doing damage to us in encas (special taken care of for people with encias swollen). In addition if ample spaces between the teeth exist, as in the patients with piorrea (dental periodoncia) also they are available the interproximales brushes, to different sizes. Opening of the mouth: If we abrimos to the mouth the brush absolutely does not fit well in the zone of the teeth of above towards the cheek, for that reason it is important that this half-opening, even the just a little bit displaced jaw towards the side that we are cepillando (always without doing damage to us) Speed of appearance of the plate: The plate begins to even form from cepillado minute zero after a good one or after a professional cleaning. Of there the importance of the frequency of the cepillado one (three times to the day). In addition this plate that is accumulated, if cepilla is not calcified by the action of the saliva in few days (fouling), which makes its elimination by means of the conventional cepillado one impossible. In the zones near the conduits of exit of the saliva, the calculation formation is especially fast reason why special attention to these would be due to render zones: Incisors inferiors on the inside (surface of the teeth that we touched with the language) and molares superiors by outside (towards the cheek).

Gain Muscle Mass

If you are part of the subjects who want to improve their appearance to look a much more prominent body, you should know some indications when you make training to gain mass muscle, since that sometimes instead, lost many more calories from those due and deficiency in food consumed do not contribute to this goal. For a beginner, the ideal is to start with a routine to slight muscle mass and increase intensity to create greater muscle volume; If the opposite is achieved is that lost energies are collected from the poor tissue size that is possessed, is essential to have patience in adapting to the body at higher values of wear energy and help to consume high doses of carbohydrates. If it will start with a workout for muscle mass we must apply activity in different areas of the body and if we are going to do so in a gym, we cannot separate the routines according to muscle groups using these 5 exercises as an example and varying according to the day of the week and applying the intensity resistance and strength that is gaining. 1) Lifting with free weights, front foot: develop muscles in the anterior sector, firmness in shoulders, part of your back and biceps. (2) Average deadlift, using weights: trying a minimum time to lean on bench. It develops thighs. (3) ABS: very common and practical to develop the area of the chest.

(4) Rowing in machines: to exercise much of back muscles as they include the muscles of the upper back width, infraespinar and round higher. (5) Leg extension: with or without machine extension with this exercise worked for the volume of the thighs in the femoral quadriceps muscle. The bread and the proteins in the sport are great helpers to the weight gain, it’s better if you opt for those inputs varied without feeling obliged to food consumption, if it is constant provided that it maintains rest for 8 to 10 hours after the workout for muscle mass will be achieved successful results and improvement in physical aesthetics. To see which is the plan tested for any man naturally skinny can finally increase muscle mass, please click here.

Ifakara Health Institute

And the investigation of the doctor Okumu has opened a promising new way to tackle the problem. A long investigation to get that knowledge, the doctor Okumu and his team of Tanzania’s Ifakara Health Institute had to complete a detailed investigation. Mosquitoes bite in the leg area and did not look at people, but they smell people. So the initial challenge was to identify chemicals that humans produce and that attract mosquitoes, explained. After long research, determined that a product mix that smells like dirty socks is more attracting insects.

To verify the tests, a small community in the African country, he placed in the interior of a House mix synthetic and in another house near a human Guinea pig. Check what that consistently, four times more mosquitoes came to the House with the synthetic blend that the House with the volunteer, said Okumu. Attract them to kill them but the final objective of Okumu is not attracting the mosquitos that transmit the malaria, but kill them. For this purpose he has created a device that mimics a human being. Inside you have placed agents and dirty socks to liquidate the mosquitoes. With Grand Challenges Canada and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation money, during the next two years Okumu will improve the device, will examine its epidemiological impact, will find out the best place to put the appliances in the villages and find the way to culturally more practical for use. After two years, the researcher hopes to have a prototype ready for mass production.

And Breakfast Hendaye

. Hendaye-tourisme. FR created by Hendaye Tourist Office presents all the facets of the famous Basque seaside city. Among other things, you can find therein all tourist information to make a true virtual tour of Hendaye. Visitors can, in particular, discover the possibilities of accommodation in situ (hotels, residences, camping, furnished rentals, guest rooms) to better organize their future stays. Each tab is associated with a description, photographs and a contact to make it easier.

Marine such heading, shows Hendaye on the Atlantic Ocean side with magnificent photographs of the beach of Hendaye, the detailed presentation of the proposed nautical activities (surf, body-board, diving, surfing, kayaking, jet-ski, sailing). Each tab lists all contacts in situ to better prepare your stay. The Marina and the Centre of Thalassotherapy in Hendaye are subject of a presentation apart under this same heading. In pleasures tab authentic the surfer discovers a detailed presentation of everything that makes the charm of the Basque coast, namely the heritage and history, gastronomy, folklore and, of course, all trails walk in the sector. A continuously updated calendar presents the future important moments throughout the year.

The website of the Tourist Office also proposes stays turnkey offerings with online booking. These placements that are presented by subject (surf, talasso, wellness, catamaran) are organised during a weekend or a week. Finally, Web page presents tourist information about the Basque region, as well as practical information on transport, the possibility of downloading interactive maps the Hendaye tourist office is labelizada tourism & handicap since August 2007. In 2009, Tourism Office expects to obtain the labelizacion quality tourism. CONTACT: M. Jean-Sebastien HALTY, Directeur Station67 bis, Bd de la Mer 64700 HENDAYEContact: [email protected] com Office of tourism in Hendaye