Human Growth Hormon

Life is always changing, which is the beauty of it. That does not mean we give up, just go with the flow. Set some realistic goals, and know he will miss a few days. Do it again, and no blame in this regard. Most people leave their health programs primarily because it is very hard […]

First Event Of ICSALUD-MDP

13 Library S SPECIALIZED IN THE FIELDS OF HEALTH, OF THIS CITY, AS A WORKING GROUP THEY WILL LAUNCH ITS ACT AND DISPLAY OF SOME OF ITS ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS, AND FREE ACCESS FREE. Under the auspices of PAHO Argentina, the National Information Network in Health Sciences, Medical Center Library of Mar del Plata and the […]

Medical Malpractice And Medical Negligence

This is an issue that often arises in the course of professional practice and the importance and the great confusion that sometimes occurs in the exposed area briefly in this work. Throughout the practice, and in view of the applicable rules, I have come to ask me many times but … there are really cases […]

Blood Vessels

Walls of blood vessels of animals recovered in result of insufficient produc elastin molecules and kallogena. The more vitamin C, natural course, the more stable and stronger the vessel wall. A clean container is a young body. During long voyage sailors in the Middle Ages died from scurvy, a strong internal and external bleeding, as […]

How To Improve Public Health

What could the government do to improve public health? If part of the money spent on treating diseases should be devoted to prevention, general health much improved. What could be done to prevent disease? The best thing would be to invest in education, starting from childhood. What education would be needed to improve health? Children […]