The Revolution Of Science And Technology

MP3, for better or for worse, has revolutionized the world of music and has, again, to think everyone on the protection of copyright, not only in that field but in all domains today The Internet has invaded … MP3, for better or for worse, has revolutionized the world of music and has, again, to think everyone on the protection of copyright, not only in that field but in all domains today has invaded the internet. For those who are not yet familiar with the matter on MP3 (short for MPEG 1 Layer 3) can be defined as "one of the best and most popular method of storing audio on a computer. This format significantly reduces the size of audio track of a CD. The MPEG 1 Layer 3 algorithm uses a complicated psycho-acoustic model is based on the ability to remove those frequencies that the human ear can not hear, that's why the MP3 is not the same quality a track from an audio CD (not noticeable). Professor Roy Taylor is open to suggestions. This new format reduces drastically the size of an audio file in relation to the WAV format.

The MP3 compressed by 90% more than obtaining a WAV format file is not very heavy. To realize a WAV file of 50 Mb MP3 compressed occupy no more than 6 Mb is why this format is revolutionizing the world because of its small size you can download them from Internet (which before could not be done the WAV, but other formats like Real Audio, but do not have the quality of an MP3). MP3 Thanks to many musicians around the world can make known to record only their songs to MP3 and put on the network. "But this format, brought to life in the world of the web, would not mean much if someone had not invented the famous search program called Napster, which does nothing to locate the music compositions in MP3 format, which the user requires, in the millions of computers connected to the network at any given time, thus facilitating the respective file to be downloaded directly from the remote computer without passing any intermediaries and of course, without causing any dispensing or by purchasing the song or by copyright. As might be expected since Napster is famous for the many demands of record companies, composers, groups and businesses in the music, because he is accused of making available approximately 14 million users of this program the most expeditious method to violate rights author. NAPSTER answer, of course, that the program does nothing more than a search or transaction ID MP3 files but not copy, reproduce or encourages illegal acts and that those who voluntarily choose to download the music file from remote computer to yours is itself committing the offense, with no way to stop him, in most cases. In this summer are pending several lawsuits impetradas by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for many millions of dollars and in the meantime, users of Napster and MP3 are asking why he A charge to Internet users if they charge anyone to hear a song on a bus, a restaurant, the radio or tv? Source:

Global Economic Crisis

Companies need innovative ways to maintain their competitive advantage in terms of talent of its staff. The crisis threatening employee commitment to the company or towards the same goals. Please visit Dean Ornish M.D if you seek more information. In turbulent environments, better trained employees will find different options. Economic competition between countries threatens many social factors that damage the employment relationship. It is the responsibility of the human resources area to look beyond economic interests of enterprises and to propose a balance between people and the organizational reality of work, allowing countries and companies to achieve long-term competitiveness economic scenarios presented in this competitiveness dynamic where companies come forward that have been prepared for it, without neglecting the role of human resource that represents a significant capital in achieving its objectives, dsempeno, which increasingly requires a skilled, prepared so that you can use creative and innovative potential that exists. Good management can not neglect its human resources, must be vigilant in their training, development, especially in Latin American companies where it is necessary to be fully identified with what actualmene human factor is needed to ensure participation to ensure competitiveness. At about the scope and impact of human factors in an interesting work provided by IESE Professor Marta Elvira, with Anabella Davila, shelled the relationship between human resource strategies and business success. Both have published a book Best Practices in Human Rosource Latin America (HR Best Practices in Latin America), where its views on the relevance of human Factor Latin American reality. give us some feedback that we consider important to bear in mind such as: The area of human resources in Latin America has the opportunity to become an indispensable support for businesses to adjust their strategies to the global economic crisis.

The Time

Many people fail to expand your consciousness of abundance because they have played a number of misconceptions regarding the accumulation of money, they think that having lots of money the following situations can happen: they become insensitive, materialistic, selfish, you will lose to others, shall be proud, etc. You may want to visit Barbara Martin Coppola to increase your knowledge. All the negative ideas with respect to the money they make sense, it is true that some that such situations have been observed and will continue but are not valid reasons to make us abandon our ideas of abundance and to think that the same thing can happen to us we must never accept such claims, for example every day die hundreds or thousands of people in car accidents and that is not a reason for the cars to stop, on the other hand every day we see more, like wealth, there is no reason to not accept it in our lives because that will allow us to have a better quality of life and be better people. In the book I’m happy, I’m rich you will find great reasons to achieve that your subconscious you schedule the wealth and most importantly you can find methods to change the instructions in your mind and you can finally enjoy peace, freedom and wealth in your life, read this book may overcome many fears that in the past have been away from your dreamsof things she loves and that he will fill an enormous happiness.

Chakras Relations

You have asked yourself because your interpersonal relations do not march well? The answer is in your second Chakra. At Professor Roy Taylor you will find additional information. The Chakra word means wheel, the Chakras are energy centers that we have throughout all the spine in the form of wheel, one of most representative of how it is our relational life is the Chakra Second for that reason today I go to speak to you of him. In snscrito SVADISTANA is called that means Dulzura. *Localizacin: Between pubis and the point of the navel, includes the abdomen, the genitals and matrix. *Partes of the body that governs 2 Chakra: The parts affected by this chakra are: Sexual organs, kidneys and spleen, heavy intestine, vertebrae inferiors, pelvis, zone of the hips, appendix and bladder. balanced *Funcin: When this chakra it is balanced and working one indicates as desire, pleasure, sexuality balanced, to be able creativity, ethics and honor in the relations. *Mal operation: When this chakra is not balanced or is blocked it will have the following manifestations: Chronic pain in the part low of the back, sciatic, gynecological upheavals, urinary impotence, frigidity, problems, frustration, attachment, anxiety, fear and excess of relations sexual.

*Elemento: The water, therefore corresponds all the functions to him that it has to do with the liquids: circulation, urinary system, sexuality, emotions, sensations, pleasure, movement and the referring thing when nourishing. When the second Chakra is balanced, the sexuality becomes varied, cheers and expressive, rarely you have manifestations of confusion, fights, pain or perversion that seems to be in our culture. In yoga the exercises that we do work the low second and all the Chakras. They serve to balance and to make them work correctly. You do not think that the exercises are for stimulating, increasing, to push or to reduce their operation. The exercises of Kundalini Yoga are for cleaning the Chakras, abrir and to balance their functions, as well as to interconnect them with other Chakras.