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OAO Autodiesel

Operation of engine JAMZ JAMZ engines are powerful and economical engines. Reliable and easy to use. However, we must remember that life is largely dependent on careful and regular care. The requirements to be followed to protect your engine from damage, and yourself from further repair and purchase of spare parts JAMZ. 1.

Correct operation of the motor and long term egosluzhby are in direct Depending on the culture of exploitation, so it is necessary to conduct vnimatelnootnositsya all maintenance work. 2. During the break-in of the new engine is running-JAMZ its friction surfaces, so Further efficiency in the engine depends largely on how well respected the rules of running a new engine. 3. Lubrication of the engine made in accordance with the 'grease table. " The use of lubricants materials, not specified in the table are not allowed! 4. Coolant temperature of the engine should be in the range 75-100 'C. 5.

Not dopuskaetsya sharp increase speed immediately after cold start engine as the thickened oil slowly comes to the crankshaft bearings and a large number of revolutions can be displayed Bearing izstroya. The University of Chicago: the source for more info. 6. When operating the engine JAMZ monitor oil pressure in the system lubrication oil pressure drop below 300 kPa (3.0 kgf / cm) at rated engine speed malfunction in the lubrication system or increased wear of bearings crankshaft. 7. When tightening the nuts CHT strictly maintain the frequency izadanny torque. Zatazhka nuts moentom large or small, will lead to a breach of containment seals and gaskets burnout, especially since the leakage of water or oil in this way can not be repaired. 8. To avoid breakage categorically zapreschaetsya include starter at running or unstoppable engine. 9. On engines use filter elements having a certificate conformity issued by the respective centers of the certification and admission to their application, issued by OAO Autodiesel 'manufacturers.


In addition, while this European country has remained virtually terra incognito for the participants Au-Pair of Ukraine. – CLOSE APPROVE such an important decision? – Friends gladly supported me. Many have already participated in the program and they were from a trip only a good impression. But parents are very worried. And no wonder. Today It's no secret that some girls and women who went abroad, even in seemingly proven program becomes a hostage, fall into the social slavery. Therefore, the reaction of my mother I was not surprised: "You're not you go!" However, and not intended to immediately collect their bags and fly in a totally unfamiliar country.

Understood the need to thoroughly prepare for the trip. The first step began to "tighten" the French language, because without knowledge foreign outside the homeland has tugovat. Secondly, she entered the driving school (driving license – one of the desirable requirements for the participants Au-Pair). Well, of course, took up a detailed study requirements gathering and submitting necessary documents. Experience with children, so necessary for the program, I already had: I'm happy to look after his nephew and a younger cousin.

Passed through several medical examination (one of them – in Kiev). As a result, a total preparation took about two years! Of course, it took: studies in a driving school, health checks, send and receive documents, payment for services specialized agencies have cost about 600 euros. In principle, not so much the amount, but for students is quite impressive! Add to that airfare and money to stay abroad for at least the first time.


Dislexia: Riot of learning. Damascene Mariana Baptist SUMMARY: The present article displays a sufficiently frequent riot in the acquisition of the language, that in some way makes it difficult the learning, followed of its respective definitions, treatments in the different fields that they study the dislexia, research to about such problem, as professors and parents can identify, as to act ahead of somebody with difficulties, after all many times the dislexia is confused with lack of interest in learning on the part of the pupil. ABSTRAT: This article presents fairly frequent to disorder in language acquisition, which somehow hinders learning, followed by to their definitions, treatments in the different fields that study dyslexia, the research about this problem teachers and parents can identify, how you act in front of someone with difficulties, to after all dyslexia is often confused with lack of interest in learning by students. Words key: Learning. Dislexia. Disgrafia.

Discalculia. Difficulties. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cardiologist. Introduction Is significant the number of children who finish the period pertaining to school without dominating the reading and the writing of form considered adjusted for that etria band, being many carrying children of dislexia, this fact has worried specialists, parents, educators, psychologists and doctors, whom a social problem constitutes. In function of such problem, world-wide they search ways capable to decide this situation, nor always with accepted results for all the areas that study. Therefore the Dislexia is studied by some fields of science, for this reason the scholars does not arrive at a common census of its cause, therefore its research if directs in distinct areas, arriving many times the different conclusions; without none of them has been universally accepted. But with the technological advance with prominence to the support of the technique of functional magnetic resonance, the conquests of last the ten years have brought significant answers on what it is Dislexia.

What Do The Burns

Burns is not to be trifled with. Proper and consistent action is needed here. Burn so it helps now correctly immediately help: they burned up? For slight Burns, cooling the wound under running water and give fire ointment on it, and connect the wound loosely, but sterile. You should apply never for more serious burns immediately ointment or other means. Imagine a doctor himself or the person concerned.

In no case may enter home remedies such as oil or flour on the wound! In deep, heavy and large burns may cool this definitely not with water. This can cause major fire injuries even a Subcooling of the person concerned. Try to keep people warm and call either directly an ambulance or go directly into the nearest located Emergency Department of the hospital. Further information about burns and means: A combustion is always painful. Depending on the degree of combustion, you need a doctor looking for. The burned area of skin is greater, the more important it is to seek immediate medical help.

First aid measures can be taken immediately to avoid serious consequences. If the burn is very small, you can take home first steps, so a first aid could be a cooling ointment. Should ignite the wound but fester or alter in any other form, please consult a doctor immediately. Because you realize what Burns you own can be treated and which medical assistance is needed: level 1: the place is slightly swollen, reddened, painful, and is open may be cooling the wound and apply appropriate ointment on level 2: lower combustion, larger area, severe pain, blistering. Here, the result could be a scarring, you should consult a doctor degree 3: black and white discoloration on the burn, no pain in the next few days (this is because, that) Nerves have been destroyed), regardless of size or area, you should call a doctor degree 4: which skin is charred, no pain and there are bones, including underlying layers of skin affected call an ambulance immediately.

Spiritual Awakenings

The holistic view is transformative, is a political action based on the spirit and not in the ego, is transcultural. The spiritual awakening, also called enlightenment, not dependent on the time or knowledge, but can be an instantaneous awakening. A completely sustainable society enables us to free ourselves, helps us to trust ourselves, trust our bodies and mainly rely on the inner light of spirituality. Universal love is the medicine that cures all fear. Dialogue with Abelardo Brenes (Doctor of Psychology. Counselor Education at the University for Peace in the UN headquarters in Costa Rica) said the theme of "Culture of Peace." Modernity has positive things, like the end of slavery and democracy, but today brings us to a dehumanizing and eco-environmental insensitivity that leads to destruction of life on Earth, thus achieving real peace not with violence but with the transformation of consciousness and the formation of a truly global sense.

The holistic view goes beyond individualism and became interested in social transformation. Charles Laughlin (Doctor Anthropology and post in neurophysiology) talks with Dr. Gallegos on the topic: "A new world view" Science is to understand that knowledge is a set of steps in an infinite process of search and that search is questioned if we make the ego is mixed with knowledge. The new vision of the whole world looks at where we are all involved and are part of everything and not accepting the fragmentation or Laughlin says "the new vision is unfolding it." Furthermore, we have you a great respect for nature, as it is an extension of ourselves and would succeed as well live in a better world and for this we need an education that is based on the truths of the perennial philosophy.

Medical Pacifier

The medical pacifier – innovation by pickMED should prevent dental damage in babies and young children. At up to 70% of all infant pacifier cause teeth damage such as cross bite, open bite and bite back Kufstein / Tyrol a new and innovative patent for dummy is revolutionizing the market: after 15 years of research work, the dentist Dr. A related site: The Greater New York Construction User Council mentions similar findings. Herbert brings a new pacifier on the market, the tooth pick and you want to reduce jaw deformities ( The motivation for this development: Studies have shown that also those pacifiers, which sold for years as”pine”, lead to tooth and jaw deformities. Up to 60 – 70% of all pacifier children develop a jaw deformity. Particularly the lateral crossbite include, (upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw) usually associated with a forced bite (asymmetric growth, crooked face) the open bite, (no contact with the front teeth) and the bite (lack of growth of the mandible fliehendes Chin”). Like us Pacifier researchers Dr.

pick in an interview revealed, most dummy manufacturers try to imitate the nipple. The “next-generation” at the Pacifiers trying to recreate, so Dr. tongue function pick next. The patented pickMED pacifier is to prevent all these ugly distortions. The pacifier has side wings, which should act as a regulation and prevent the emergence of the cross bite.

The connection between pacifier shield and dummy body is so flat technically kept to avoid the open bite. To avoid the emergence of the back bite, the pacifier shield is only slightly curved and stands in the lower jaw, to not hinder the natural development of the lip muscles and the growth of the mandible. To prevent the injury like bruising, irritation and eczema on your skin, the pacifier has a soft raised edging and ventilation holes. In the opening in the pacifier shield, you can click practical accessories such as Soother chain with the name of your baby and remove for cleaning and sleeping. More Benefits of Dr. PICK’S regulation dummy: the pickMED dummy is manufactured in a completely new technology (in precision work): formed from a piece of silicone of different degrees of hardness: hypo-allergenic i.e., skin-friendly, hygienic, since no mechanical connections (dirt niche, bacterial trap), completely soft. According to Dr. pick is for medical knowledge to satisfy the best your child and to try to avoid the pacifier. Because it’s not always easy should be taken to use the pacifier until the child is about 2 half years as little as possible. Thumb, finger or similar substitute the pacifier can be dangerous”be, because these are often very difficult to get to stop. “” Aside from that, it is now scientifically proven, that the Pacifiers “the likelihood of a sudden infant death” can significantly reduce! ZAROnews Antony Zettl ham Lake 7 6330 Kufstein/Tyrol email: home: Tel.: +49-(0)151-15249319


Now imagine that our food is so depleted that to get the daily requirement of vitamin C is necessary to eat 15 oranges, 12 lemons or 42 large tomatoes. A leading source for info: Cardiologist. To get the daily requirement of vitamin E, need to drink 2 liters of olive oil. And to get the daily requirement of selenium need to eat 160 bananas. It is simply impossible for our stomach. Vegetarian diet, which traditionally is considered rich in vitamins, does not really satisfy the needs of the human body’s iron vitamin A.

It was previously thought that carrots, broccoli provide the body with Vitamin A. Click Jane Figueiredo to learn more. Scientists have found is not so! In the course of aging reduced uptake by the body of essential nutrients. They need to be recharged. baa have become part of food culture in several countries, will not change the year of birth, they are able to extend the active life of man. The purpose of the use of dietary supplements and energy supporting the body and thus prevent its premature aging. On biological age can be influenced in this to make sure everyone can. When iodine deficiency occurs thyroid disease, fluoride-affected and destroyed teeth, selenium, greatly increases the risk of Development of tumor pathology, iron-deficiency anemia.

Today, the desire to look good and be healthy is claimed. baa confidently conquers their positions and become their ally, at least, shortsighted. What is biologically active additives? According to the official definition is a natural biologically active substances intended for reception with food, in order to enrich their diet. Dietary supplements are not fashion, present, and future prevention and diet. baa is a health product, a unique composition that meets the needs of the human body in all nutrients. Supplements are gradual and can not possibly hurt. What is the mechanism of action of dietary supplements? Rapidly restores micronutrient deficiency, substances necessary for the operation of all human body systems, restores the activity of enzyme systems, eliminate toxins, waste products, strengthen the body’s defenses, increasing its resistance to adverse environmental factors, reducing the incidence of, prolonging active longevity. Reduce the risk of many diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, and others whom and for what you need to take supplements? Practically healthy for: the preservation and maintenance of health, improving the functions organs and body systems. Eliminate micronutrient deficiencies reduce the risk of disease, cleanse the body of toxins and wastes, rejuvenation and prolonging life. People who suffer from various diseases Supplements needed: For the same reasons that healthy people and as an important component in the diet of these diseases. Improving their health, increasing your vitality, you are improving the mental and physical performance, your body is rejuvenated, you are more able and willing, so you’re protected against overload and stress, infections and unwanted diseases.


And what is the relationship between lies and the mind? Simple: all lie, whatever their size and their intention comes from the mind of man. However, the first not true statement originated in a different human being mind, as we will explain later. The lie is a statement in which the truth is absent, and is made with the deliberate intention to deceive. Dean Ornish M.D can aid you in your search for knowledge. According to the dictionary, i.e. lying or express the opposite of what it knows, believes or thinks. And lie, always according to the same source is: expression or manifestation contrary to what is known, it is believed or thought. There are varied ways to lie, since the well-intentioned white lies, until pathological; from the white to the half-truths.

A noble lie is said to hide painful truths (the case of the terminally ill who lie about their State of health so you worry less); white lies are false testimonials that appear to not be of importance: the person says them because she feels that it is justified to do so; truths are half a well prepared potion into which a fallacious statement is mixed with some droplets of truth so that the listener creates the entire message, including what is and what is not true. Pathologically lying is a way of acting sickly. Is frequently and at last the author of falsehood achieves not only created him (liars wouldn’t if they believed not them) but that he believes is his own invention! We said before that all lies are born in the mind of man, except the first of all some others born in the most perverse of the minds in the universe: Satan. The book of Genesis tells us the humbug of the devil to convince the first human couple that flout God: but the serpent said to the woman:-it is not true, they are not going to die! God knows very well that when you command that tree, your eyes will be opened to them and will become as God, connoisseurs of good and evil (Gen.

Serious Skin Care Beauty

Serious skin care against winter weather, cleansers, and stress. Serious Skin Care combat the theft of moisture from the skin. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD will not settle for partial explanations. More intensive creams, such as dryness of the police, working day and night to protect and replenish. When it comes to moisturizers, which may be too rich or too thick. Serious skin care goes beyond the cold cream and petroleum jelly, products for skin care today are the remedies for dry skin and are filled with sophisticated ingredients.

Now, companies of natural skin care that have set the final frontier, the ten layers of cashmere hydration: healing super-rich, long lasting, and ultra-. Dry skin is probably the most common complaint. In a recent survey, 60% of a sample of women cited as the main serious skin care concern, even ahead of wrinkles. Over 70% said their body was dry in winter and 40% said it was the face (compared to 34% and 15%, respectively, in the summer). Since the 1970s, scientists have reported an overall increase in the frequency of dry skin. Nobody knows what is safe.

Part of the answer is related to increased exposure to chemicals, pollution and acid rain. Our expectations have moved seamlessly hydration powder, kills the skin complexion dewy more realistic. Experts in skin care also serious dry skin condition is an issue often discussed. No standard definition exists for the disease. Even if only recognized by its symptoms: scaling, tightness, lines, irritation and itching. The immediate cause is an alteration in the skin's outer layer, which consists of skin cells and lipids, fatty substances that help maintain skin moisture.

Infertility Treatments

The men and the women suffer of infertility, that can be caused for several reasons. Nevertheless, it is important for both sexes, are put under the suitable treatment to solve this problem. Several factors well-known and unknown to cause infertility in the men as much as in the women. These include diseases like: Endometriosis, the diminution in the ovarian reserve, Upheavals of the ovulation and the low progesterone. Count of spermatozoa, the espermtica motilidad loss, Diseases of sexual transmission, Injuries or chronic disease, Obstruction and the aging of the spermatozoa are some of the diseases that undergo the men.

Drugs to treat the infertility. Planned and systematic treatment can cure the majority of the mentioned problems of infertility, except the aging and the chronic diseases. Nevertheless, these treatments are very expensive and can have harmful indirect effect. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is likely to agree. The additional treatment can be necessary to correct the indirect effect. The treatment of FIV or ICSI in the test-tube fertilization or the intracytoplasmic injection of spermatozoa, they are the best methods of treatment of the infertility. In this technique, the ovum outside the uterus, is fertilized by the sperm, and? soon transferred to the interior. This is the indicated one when other techniques do not work. Some alternative techniques with a holistic approach have been made popular to solve the problem of the secondary infertility.

These techniques are the favourites by people because they have less or no indirect effect. The method of acupuncture, for example, mainly acupuncture of the ear or the ear, is very effective when the feminine infertility treats that causes some type of bad operation in the ovary. The hormonal message that is transferred from the brain, is the most beneficial result of this technique. According to the studies, the women who received acupuncture 30 times during a period of 3 months showed excellent results in their fertility, is as much that several were pregnant. The regular consumption of foods that contain caffein like the coffee, the chocolate, the cacao, the green tea, black tea and nonalcoholic drinks, has injurious effects in the treatment against the infertility and they are not recommended. According to a study, half of a cup of coffee in a woman who is trying to be pregnant woman, can diminish niver to them of fertility. Better result for the treatment of the infertility has become by the Chinese medicine with acupuncture and, by all means, a holistic approach. The holistic approach only reaches the depth of the problem and next, realises a physical and emotional delivery, and not only the physical organs, as it makes the medicine western. You wish to be pregnant? You know that actualmentes an effective method exists highly so that you are pregnant woman in 2 months less than? you want to know it?

Športové oblečenie, dresy, doplnky a príslušenstvo nemeckej značky JAKO. ... Nachádzaš sa tu: Futbal Futbalové dresy. Futbalové dresy.futbalove dresy shop Futbalové dresy a súpravy za neuveriteľné ceny. Futbalové dresy od nemeckej značky JAKO SPORT. Perfektný materiál, špičková značka JAKO. V ponuke futbalové dresy Jako a futsalové dresy Jako. detský futbalový Futbalové dresy sú vyrábané sublimačnou technológiou, ktorá zaručuje brilantné farby, životnosť, stálofarebnosť a dobrú odolosť voči praniu. futbalove dresy detske Dres Barcelona futbalove dresy pre deti 2015-16 Messi 10 Domáci futbalove dresy na predaj / Dlhý Rukáv.Futbalove dresy na predaj, Sme internetový obchod slovensko. Rôzne kluby a reprezentačný dres. futbalove dresy pre deti. Môžete si zvoliť tlač čísel a mien.
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