Humanistic Nursing

to my dear brothers, relatives, friends and professors for the support and understanding. Tatiane Barros Da Silva ' ' I will open high rivers in naked and the sources in the way them valleys; I will become the desert in water dams and the dry land, in mananciais.' ' (Is 41:18) SUMMARY the fototerapia is the treatment indicated in the cases of neonatal jaundice. We have as objective to describe the perceptions of the mothers of children submitted to the fototerapia and to analyze them front to the theory of Humanistic Nursing. Qualitative study, exploratrio description, carried through in the Joint Lodging (AC) of the Regional Hospital of Gamma DF, with 10 purperas. The data had been collected in Maio/2009, by means of interview with 4 questions of research: As you mother, if feel when seeing its son under fototerapia; You were guided regarding the withdrawal of the ocular protector during breast-feeding; Because it must be removed and which the reason of its use during the fototerapia; Which are its bigger difficulties at the moment to carry through the cares with its baby? We conclude that the development of new actions with intention to improve the quality of the assistance is essential, including in our cares orientation and the communication between health team and mothers of just born under fototerapia. Word-key: Nursing, fototerapia, mother, just been born, jaundice, humanizao.

ABSTRACT The phototherapy is the treatment indicated in the you marry of neonatal jaundice. We have objective you describe the perceptions of the mothers whose children ploughs submitted you the phototherapy and you analyze them through the theory of humanistic nursing. Qualitative study, exploratory description, carried on in the Lodging (AC) of the Regional Hospital of Gamma DF, with 10 newly mothers. The dates were collected in May/2009. The following questions were asked you direct the research: How of it you feel when you see your sound to under phototherapy treatment? ; Were you guided regarding the withdrawal of the ocular protector during breast-feeding? Why should we removes it and what s the reason of its uses during the phototherapy? Which ploughs your difficulties when you take care of your baby? Essential We conclude that the development of new actions with the intention of improving the quality of the assistance is, including in our cares the orientation and the communication between the health team and the mothers of newly births to under phototherapy treatment.

Tarot Edition

The tarot is an interpretive tool that allows us to predict the future, finding aspects of the past and see this. The seer shuffles the cards, at a specific position has often called the roll of tarot. If the roll of tarot is applied correctly, can provide satisfactory answers to the client. The circulation of tarot is a tool that provides guidance and advice, which can be dispensed with unfavorable facts that may occur. Professor Roy Taylor will not settle for partial explanations. The circulation of tarot recommend the most desirable possibilities for the client to weigh the most appropriate way to proceed.

Commonly a Tarot specifies a circumstance that will become accurate at the time. The seers and roll professional tarot can express much for looking the symbols of the deck. One of the essential purposes of the pulling of tarot is to organize events so that they can take resolutions that propose new ways of tarot Chuck used to help with issues connected to our career or our relationships. The wisdom found within the circulation Tarot is like that is within us all. The purpose of the circulation of tarot is to become aware of what is not known for making decisions favorable, and in no way should be definitely favorable or find only some advantage. The circulation of the YES or tarot is certainly not the least complicated to make and is awarded to Tarot of the Angels. This spread of tarot works, in plain words that the letters to give affirmative or negative response to specific questions. The way to do a Tarot spread of this type is: you have to consciously focus on the question that you want to do, and then combine the letters.

Since they are mixed five cards are selected and placed face down on the table, turn them and checked the number of letters to the right or head. If the letter is to the right, adds a point to YES. The central letter is worth double, ie, add two points. If the letter is flipped adding a drive to NO. The end result of the pulling of tarot add the points lie in the deck, depending on with more points will be the desired response. If the number of letters to the right and vice versa is the same, repeat the shot, if the same thing happen again, we would do over again. In case of further tie in the third time is not advisable to want to try again, it means that the cards do not want to give us the answer. Tarot Friend

Physical Relaxation

The brain is engaged in processing of external stimulus to 80. These are reduced, experience a rare deep relaxation and balance body and mind. Our everyday life is fast, colorful and noisy. Constantly ringing phones, flickering screens, lack of time and increasing pressure to determine our daily routine. The brain is engaged in processing of external stimulus to 80%.

These are reduced, experience a rare deep relaxation and balance body and mind. (Not to be confused with Newcastle University!). The Institute for deep relaxation – Floathouse Frankfurt is one of the first institutions in the German-speaking, which explores the phenomenon of total relaxation and offers. Work is done with so-called flotation tanks. These have been develop by NASA to study the Langzeitforgen of weightlessness on the human body in 1954. In this isolation tanks, free of any stimuli, such as light, sound, temperature, or gravity, floats the body in a salt water bath like in the space.

Attractions such as the perception of other people, light, noise, gravity and temperature are excluded. The only thing remains is oneself. Floathouse examines the effectiveness in the reduction of stress, the treatment of chronic pain, behavioural therapies for addiction cessation and superlearning, or the training of athletes based on pre-and post talks. The float tank is filled and protected from light and sound with 34 Celsius waremen salt water. It creates the feeling of weightlessness as you are carried by the water. The water temperature matches the temperature of the surface of the body, making the skin nerves feel almost no stimuli and this suspension effect is reinforced. Spine, muscles and joints are relieved, chronic diseases to improve significantly. Float with disc herniations, joint pains, sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, strains and sprains is particularly beneficial. Migraines and other chronic pain subside considerably. Blood pressure and circulation are brought into balance and general circulation increased. A high endorphin secretion causes enormous feelings of happiness. Concentration, Perseverance, creativity and intellectual capacity are increasing strongly. This will confirm which many American universities, like the University of British Columbia, even the therapy of rest of (restricted environmental stimulation therapy – therapy for reduced environmental impact) developed. The Institute for deep relaxation Frankfurt expands its relaxation opportunities this year to establish floating as a well-known holistic healing method.


Suddenly diabetes a book by Jutta Schutz lateral thinker Jutta Schutz writes books that encourage many sick. Nutrition counselor or health books are often very theoretical and difficult to read. But, the books contactor are counselors, covered up by a loose language, where even the layman understand what the deal is. Especially its references clearly show that here non-empty straw is threshed, but that involves knowledge base. Contactor told self affected their diabetes history from the first day of the diagnosis to her success, today to say that she could fight the diabetes.

Just the in part groundbreaking theses invite to the opposition or to attempting to self and enable a diverse discussion. Read more from Professor Roy Taylor to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The author may not convince, but persistent thought-provoking every diabetic (type two). Schutz’s books are a very good basis for information and to read very well also for laymen. The author informed in a very short time the reader extensively, giving Nutrition can cause. She writes too quickly and completely to kill without a knowledge. Compared with the otherwise very dry and stiff counselors, this book easily leads into the diabetics in the low-carb world.

The bestselling book suddenly diabetes (also exists in the English language) differs from the diabetic books, which are written from the point of view of doctors and scientists. The low carb diet form”is actually amazingly simple. It omits the carbohydrates, thus creating space for a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, some fruit, nuts, dairy products, meat and fish. The book definitely provides the optimal dose of information and inspiration for people who want to try to get their blood sugar levels with a change of diet in the handle. Company information: Britta Kummer, writer and author of the book: welcome back, Amy, was born on the 02.10.

Physical Whitewashing Base

It has experience in the area of Fisioterapia, with emphasis in Fisioterapia Manuall, acting mainly in the following subjects: immobilization, esqueltico muscle, osteopatia, muscular atrophy and physiology of the Golden exercise, 18 of November of 2010 Rommel Padovan Branquinho Objective SUMMARY: To analyze the exercises carried through in steady and unstable base for the balance in the functional training in aged freqentadores of a medical rank of garrison of Material Dourados/MS and methods: The research of quantitative, transversal field of descriptive character, investigated 20 aged individuals of both the sexos, with tests carried through in the Center of Physical Whitewashing Garrison of Dourados/MS, with etria band enters the 60 70 years of age, being that they had been harvested given you show before (daily pay-test) and later (after-test), of the functional training of people who frequent a rank medical of garrison of Dourados/MS. The form of amostral election was for intermediary of voluntariedade, being submitted to the test of comparison of the exercises in steady and unstable base for the balance, with use still for this evaluation, of the questionnaire of falls and the scale of balance of Berg. After application of the questionnaire, the citizens of the research had been directed for the reserved room, folloied for the researcher and the responsible one of the sector of the proper Center of Physical Whitewashing, in which it was carried through the questionnaire of falls, scale of Berg and the trainings proprioceptivo. Dean Ornish M.D is the source for more interesting facts. Results: With the collected data it was arrived the demonstrated results of quantitative form for intermediary of tables and figures, evidencing itself that aged that they frequent the Center of Physical Whitewashing Garrison of Dourados/MS they had gotten in few weeks an improvement significant in the motor reorganization of the physiological functions of the aged ones in unstable base. Conclusion: it is concluded, therefore, that the aged freqentadores of a rank of garrison of Golden MS had gotten, with application of the exercise in compared steady base with the carried through one in the unstable base, a significant improvement in the balance of the aged ones objectifying to provide recovery of the physiological functions that are on to the aging process, thus improving, the locomotion capacity and returning inherent vital functions to the human being. .