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Helsinki Stockholm

Well, we came back from Norway. Our program is as follows: Early in the morning we go to 8.17 from Russia, approximately 12-13 hours of crossing the border with Finland, about 14 o'clock, in Helsinki. In 17 hours on the ferry Helsinki Stockholm. 18.08 at 9:00 am in Stockholm. Then go in the direction of Lillehammer (Lillehammer), and there spend the night at the hotel. Jimmy John’s Owner takes a slightly different approach. 8.19 in the morning we leave from Lillehammer and through Dombas moving toward Aalesund (Alesund). Aalesund I planned to arrive in the afternoon – hours in 16-17. There populated in the hotel Scandic.

Rest. We walk around the city. 20/08 dive around the island Vigra (by the way, the island airport) 8.21 go to town Molde – just a trip to fjords and photographs, get acquainted with the local Diving center. 8.22 in the morning walking on Alesund and after dinner we moved into neighborhood Runde (an island, where we will continue to dive.) Living in the Hotel Neptun (Fosnavag). 8.23 Diving around Runde.

8.24 Diving around Runde. Climbing the hill on the island – a lot of sea birds and just beautiful places. 25.08 Diving around Runde. 8.26 in the morning we leave with Fosnavag towards Oslo. Living in a hotel in Oslo 27.08 per day in Oslo 28.08 depart from Oslo to Stockholm. At 17 o'clock ferry to Finland. 29/08 at 9 am in Helsinki. Going to Russia. In the evening – at home. All equipment, including tanks and a compressor we carry with us.


The problem is in which sometimes very inadequate ways are learned to do it, to the point are some who finish by better not doing it. We can say that four great types of personalities for men and women exist that mark the way in which they handle the subject to coquetear and to attract which they like. We will say that the attitudes of we can divide them to the men in: 1 Timid and sensible. 2 Controlled and cold. 3 Little sensible extrovert and. 4 And surely sensible.

The main attitudes of the women are the following: 1 Timid and evasive. 2 Autocontrolled and distant. 3 Little sensible extrovert and. 4 Safe and sensible. First category: he, timid and sensible; she, timid and evasive. The men and women of the first category, tend to have a great timidity. Generally we can say that they feel shame in front of the person whom they like.

The men have the problem of which those emotions prevent them approached the woman whom it attracts to them. The women evade the situations and they do not allow that a man approaches to them by pain. The solution is in some key points. They must learn to handle the fear to the rejection and to the ridiculous situation that bring about the conquest situations. Tips are several practitioners who allow to solve these emotions. It is thing to follow the steps necessary and to practice a little. Sometimes it can be useful to work the self-esteem, but definitively for the subject to attract somebody, is necessary to know the techniques specific to use in particular in those cases. In addition they do not know what really it loves or it looks for the woman (in the case of the man) or the man (in the case of the woman), when they are in the situation in which they could coquetear to him.

Psychosomatic Medicine

My objective in the book was to show it so what I experienced in everyday life and what it went through the mind. I tried to fathom even the causes, how it came to my burnout. I described my anxiety that led up to my social withdrawal and so I wanted to see anybody. Also my Fears of financial nature, which I had on our common home and the future of our daughters. In medical terms, what happened to me? Some doctors (psychiatrist / chief physician) in this situation how did react to your patients. How did the various treatments and therapies? How could I regain strength and stability? I could heal myself or I needed help? All these questions were me by the head and many more. To deepen your understanding Jimmy John’s Owner is the source. I tried to cover my feelings and thoughts of in words. Both the sad and the up one uplifting, that were the exception, but rather.

In the nature I brought the force me to overcome this time of tears. In the second section of my book, I describe my stay in the clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine bad Aussee. What I at the hospital felt and experienced. Occurs when a therapy discussions and treatments have been documented by me in a flashback. I wrote the first one and a half months of my illness in diary form, Visits to psychiatrists, the Chief doctor and I treated more fully the stay in the clinic. Writing this book has much taught me and given me new strength. My life has changed.

I’m now in smaller, bedachteren important steps through life. Patience and hope were the only two emotions that have guided me in the last few months, and will accompany me on my life path.


The result was that it had to be implemented in the Prxis then, well and that turned out again and again in everyday practice as a problem to the implementation itself half was forgotten. Some participants were unable to cope, others defy, that was not because any practice on the topic of QM had a different level of knowledge. Precisely for this reason I’ve switched, which today is outcome of the training that I pick any practice there where it stands. We not only exercise, but implement directly, I’ll make teams, each team meets another task, then reported, so that all are informed. The enormous advantage is that if I leave these practices, here a large part is finished, in some cases, one can say depending on the practice it can happen that we implemented the complete quality system get. However, it must be lived then, not enough just to have it. MEDICALTALK24: So the doctor must invest in a QM-system, an external QM consultant and training? That’s but a lot you won’t find.

Karin letter: Yes, that is it, because I agree with you, but I didn’t make the law. I have been working for 10 years in medical QM and have managed to find a simple and optimal solution for my customers. And no practice comes the trappings to any management software. Unless it creates folders tons of manually, I can not epfehlen. That is more expensive than any management software that exists on the market, the bottom line. I know advertise many other square meters, with the company several days training and the external consultant are also offered. My concept is individual for each practice.

MEDICALTALK24: How can your concept be customized if you offer the same as other companies? Karin letter: As already mentioned, I withdraw me ever with the in-house training, as well as with the preparation of my documents. Then I highly recommend per practice 1-2 in-house training, it depends on the size of the practice. Then the employee is, the main culprit QMB in practice is to implement all further steps capable of expertly. This, do I get any practice there from where it stands and can accompany them professionally. So no endless training. In addition, there is a free hotline for questions.

Private Medical Insurance

Bankruptcy wave feared insurers the global economic crisis has already manifested itself in many areas and left their mark everywhere. Still, the various nations struggling with the consequences. The sick insurance companies were also hard hit. Experts now fear that the provisions of this crisis could be affected. The private insurance portal gives further insight into the current estimates. A private sick insurance proves to be increasingly beneficial to a State insurance in Germany.

Currently, some critics noted that recently heaped additional breaks happened to private insurers, which makes loud discussions about an overreaching. Thus arises the question whether the measures are really attributable to the fight against the crisis, or rather be understood as a gift to the insurance provider. According to latest reports, it was decided that the insurance reserves of private insurers now up to a higher amount should remain tax free. This is to ensure the solvency of the health insurance companies at the end of the year. The affected reserves are mainly used to go to the end of the insurance year to all insured persons, no submission of invoices, posts back to reimbursed.

In addition, the reserve ratio indicates about possible financial difficulties of a company. Here may be partisan going in the Black-Yellow Government, remains controversial. The changed legal situation suggests a greater damage to the industry than previously assumed. Their liquidity is weakened due to the poor state of interest, provisions declined to EUR 9.7 million. An improvement of this development was not measured so far. It is therefore to think that the initiated measures to protect a bankruptcy wave of insurers.

Medical Supply Store

Health case wrong seats – which helps a Chair is a Chair? Isn’t it? He must be comfortable, seat and backrest adjustable. And sit on this Chair, every day in rigid position then 8 or more hours. The back hardly touched the rest despite the Lordosekissens. A few minutes a trained person just keeps perhaps the body, but then it drops together automatically. The intervertebral discs are compressed, the veins blood accumulates in the legs and the back and the head aches. You need to do this not to say.

Here you can prevent very easily the whole. Active work the keyword here. Stand up, walk, sit, stand up again. And yet move well when sitting. Now, many providers of Office Inventory provide tables and chairs that meet the ergonomic standards. The table height adjustment to work also in the standing. The chairs move with the body, and train the muscles, usually by the way still. What for some is probably in the early days Soreness means.

But it is probably in order. Of course, the price of this ergonomic furniture but often moves in a dimension where it has already started to swallow. This two things are not taken into account. Firstly, that just entrepreneur get probably again these costs, if they consider that 30% of all business failures have back pain and its consequences to the cause. And secondly the pension insurance pays grants to ergonomic chairs and tables, if by a doctor or Podiatrist, it has been demonstrated that the back or the disc again and again problems with. Who but this but Preisintensiven variants rejects, can still do something for his back. With the TOGU ball cushions. This reminds of the big ball of seat seat behavior. To be not as bulky. Simply placed on the Chair, now takes on every movement of the body and allows as an ergonomic sitting. Get this now already in almost every good medical supply store. So. Get up. I think we were long enough movement arms just just Dasitzer. (by Birgit Demel)

Breast Cancer

According to Almeida (2006), the breast cancer is the illness more feared by the women due its significant gravity, evolution and mutilation that cause alterations in the auto-image of the patient. In Brazil the breast cancer is most frequent in incidence and mortality in the feminine sex, presenting ascending curve from the twenty and five years of age and concentrating the majority of the cases between the forty and five years and cinquenta years of age, what it approximately represents 20% of the total of diagnosised cases and 15% on average the deaths for cancer, being more common in women of raised social classroom and between that they live in the great cities of what in that they live in the field (health department 2001). In accordance with Andolhe, Guido and Bianchi (2009), the statistical data disclose that the illnesses of breast, in such a way benign how much malignant they are preoccupying causes of feminine morbimortalidade and this growth can be resulted of partner-demographic changes and the accessibility to health services, in view of that for being a serious problem of public health, in recent years, it has received specific attention for the competent authorities. From the moment that the cancer is detected, this assumes great ratios related with hopelessness, anxiety, pain and anteviso of a slow and suffered death that, second Young chicken, corra and grandson (2009), affect, considerably, the quality of life and the perspectives of treatment with a more positive edge of cure and/or prolongation of the life. When displaying on the happened psicossociais aspects of the breast cancer, Jeneral Hisses, and Duarte (2008) explains that the trauma caused for the illness and the submission the mastectomia, makes with that the woman presents disequilibrium in its biopsicossocial behavior and spiritual, with rejection elements, mutilation, affected sexuality, depression, melancholy, solitude, retraction, hopelessness and revolt that finish limiting the daily activities a time that the breast is a synonymous one of sexuality and maternity.

For Young chicken, corra and grandson (2009), the psychological aspects can influence in the quality of life of the patient, that they reflect on its state of health, suggesting alterations of the imunolgico system and hormonais modifications. Being one of the treatments of breast cancer, the mastectomia is an aggressive surgical procedure that brings traumatizantes consequncias in the experiences of life and health of the woman, since the breast since the adolescence is a marcante component of the feminilidade, representing part of the corporal, sexual image and for fulfilling the breast-feeding function (Barreto, 2005). According to Camargo and Souza (2003), the surgical processes of the mastectomia involve four types of surgery: the first one consists of the removal of the tumor and the fabric mammary circumjacent to the tumor, being able to occur removal of the nodule or a quadrant of the breast. In as in case that it has the removal of all the breast, but not removed muscles or linfonodos, in 25% of the cases. In the third case, it is become fullfilled removal of the breast and linfonodos also axillary that characterizes the total mastectomia. For even more details, read what Jimmy John Liautaud says on the issue. in the room in case that it is the radical mastectomia, with the withdrawal of the breast, linfonodos of the axillary region and the pectoral muscles. However, in accordance with Camargo and Souza (2003), ace patient that carry through the total and radical mastectomia, has the possibility of mammary reconstruction..

Cancer Treatment

The president of Venezuela returned by surprise to his country after fulfilling in Cuba the second phase of his medical treatment against the cancer. " Presence of malignant cells of my was detected nowhere cuerpo" , it says. Chvez received sessions of chemotherapy like part of the treatment. The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, affirmed east Saturday (dawn of Sunday in Spain) that in the analyses that were realised to him in Cuba did not find presence of malignant cells in their body, but indicated that he must follow the treatment because the risk still exists. " I was put under Sunday intense studies of imagenologa () and must almost say that presence of malignant cells of my body was detected to them, in a rigorous examination of all the nowhere da" , Chvez said to its arrival to the airport of Maiqueta, in an act that was passed on by television in national chain. " Anyway the risk exists and for that reason (it was necessary) the chemotherapy that was applied all to this week in several sesiones&quot to me; , it said Chvez, that returned Saturday by surprise to Caracas after spending one week in Havana, where it was dealed with a cancer that the own president revealed day 30 the past of June.

" I am feliz" it said and it emphasized that still he is " in the heat of process of a fight that is hard and that takes to its time ". " We are it winning we will gain and it, but it takes to his time and his ritmos" , it affirmed when explaining that throughout the week it received sessions of chemotherapy in a treatment that, confessed, " he is duro". Visit Chvez surprise, that returned east Saturday by surprise to Caracas coming from Havana, under the airplane by its own foot and was received in the airport by the vice-president, Elas Jaua, and several members of its team of Government. " It is a day of I rejoice for me, of alegra" , it said, to remember that one week ago, when to let the country to travel to Cuba, it affirmed that it would return in better conditions. " I said: I will come better than I go away. I fulfill the word, I have come better than I was myself " , it indicated to to be thankful for God, to the orations of support and " esfuercito adicional" that it has had to do by the improvement.

The president indicated that throughout this week there is lost of attention nor no a moment to Venezuela, the news and the problems. Dress with blue shirt and red t-shirt, a Chvez of good semblante talked with the group of navy cadets that trained the honor guard that received the president. Chvez arrived accompanied from the Secretary of State, Mature Nicholas, and the one of Energy, Rafael Ramirez, and talked in the same track of the airport with several of the members of its Cabinet, that moved to the complete one to Maiqueta to receive it. In the last Chvez days one has stayed in contact with the Venezuelans through the social network Twitter and Friday it spoke by telephone in an act of the government transmitted by television in which it commented that already it had received " bombardeo" of chemotherapy. Source of the news: Chvez returns to Venezuela: " I have come better than me fui"

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