Heterogeneous Society

In the moment, however, the uncertainty persists. (CHRISTENSEN, 2009, P. 38). 024341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal. Exactly ahead of the uncertainty, it has a certainty: we need to rethink the developed pedagogical didactic processes in the schools and for this task the professors are basic. 3 the paper of the professor To speak of professors we have that to have conscience of whom we live in a very heterogeneous society, immersed in varied cultures, different social economic and surrounding scenes.

Who works with education and learning, thus, needs to take in account all these variants being considered the experience of that who learns makes it of generis form sui and from this heterogeneidade. ' ' Time of learning is not stockage time. Time of learning is time of gnese. That is, time of new birth of something, in the collective direction and the individual direction; in the direction of the citizen, portanto.' ' (BECKER, 2004, P. 45).

It means, in terms of production of knowing, privileging the questions, that is, to center the knowledge in a research process that has as starting point the experience of the involved citizens. Having present this we can come back our looks toward the professor. The professor, in this perspective, cannot simply have as base the determined application or to the routine execution of techniques and behaviors, but, as in the explicit Canarian (2006, p.34), she will have yes … to construct the professor profession, as an act of creation in the relation with the pupils, understanding them as placed allies and in a reversibility situation. The good necessary professor to have availability to know to listen to the pupils and, thus, to learn with them. He is in these conditions that the pertaining to school work, wants for the professors wants for the pupils, can be dislocated from a logic of boredom for one of pleasure.


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