Road Beauty

Here to help him can come to various rehabilitation centers, beauty salons. The main task of these organizations – To help people get in harmony with each other and the outside world, send it to the right path of health and beauty. They include experienced professionals who will approach with great attention to the problems of each patient, calculating individual program of rehabilitation will help to give up uncertainty and doubt. Each such center offers a wide range of services aimed at improving the body and psychological comfort.

After these factors become a guarantee of an active, intense and, ultimately, happier life. In these institutions to meet the needs of our clients are always high quality and modern medical technology, which provides efficiency improvement. Visiting specialist clinics, the person has the sea of new possibilities, even opening up previously undiscovered ability. One of the common types of recovery, which offering health centers are aerobics classes. Doctors have long agreed that fitness – it’s a great cure for depression. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dean Ornish M.D by clicking through. In particular, he advised during the cold season, when the motor activity of human organism significantly decreases. Moreover, the fitness will help to address the shortcomings of appearance, to avoid depression and physical fatigue. The main thing to consider each on the road to health, that the postponement of this process until Monday, the inability to break away from the tv screen, rolls or bottles of beer – bitter enemies in the struggle for its own beauty.


Ozone is a gas whose molecule consists of three atoms of oxygen, ozone for treatment is a blend of 5% ozone and 95% oxygen migraine migraine or migraine frequently manifested by headache located in the forehead pulsating character, sometimes radiating to the eyes and can be located to one side of the head, accompanied by of nausea or vomiting pain increases with light and noise is triggered by anxiety, insomnia and stress or by the intake of coffee, cheese or chocolate. It occurs in women aged 20-50 years; It can be that a notice with a decrease in visual acuity, sensation of tingling or even the decrease of strength in the arms and legs. There is a first phase with narrowing of the fine vessels in the membranes that cover the brain in migraine. In the second phase, there is a widening of the fine vessels. Proinflammatory substances (histamine and serotonin) that irritate nerve endings occur in the initial phase. At the level of brain mass in dilation, there is a decrease of the activity of nerve cells (hyper-polarization). BENEFITS of the ozone in the treatment of the MIGRAINE ozone is regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic in migraine or migraine widening of the vessels thin, there was a decrease of watering of watering, of the oxygen and glucose, ozone facilitates transport and use both of the oxygen and glucose in the area suffer. The application of ozone rectal Insufflation of gas.

Control Years

Amongst the programs offered for the pact for the directed life directly the woman, we place some data of the health department: Cancer of breast: Prevented through periodic clinical examinations. Women from the 40 years must annually carry through the clinical examination of the breasts. Those between 50 and 69 years, beyond the clinical examination, need to carry through the mamografia, at least, to each two years. Women with risk very raised of breast cancer will have to annually carry through the mamografia from the 35 years. In Brazil, the breast cancer is what more cause deaths between the women. To each year, 22% of the new cases of cancer in women are of breast. Goals for the Control of the Cancer of the breast: . To extend for 60% the mamografia covering, as protocol.

B. To carry through the puno in 100% of the cases necessary, as protocol. Cancer of the col of the uterus: Associated to the infection for papiloma human virus (HPV), transmitted through close contact of skin in the genital region during the sexual relation. Detected through the examination it papanicolaou, that it is part of the gynecological examination of routine, available in all the basic units of health. Women between 25 and 59 years must carry through the examination periodically. Initially, an examination per year is recommended.

In the case of two followed normal examinations, with interval of one year between them, the examination will have to be made to each three years. The cure of the uterus col cancer of 100% when is almost detected precociously. Objectives and goals for the Control of the Cancer of the Col of the Uterus: . The Covering of 80% for the preventive examination of the cancer of the col of the uterus, as protocol, in 2006. B. Incentive for the accomplishment of the high-frequency surgery, technique that uses a special instrument for the withdrawal of injuries or part of the uterine col compromised (with intra-epithelial injuries of high degree) with lesser possible damage, that can be carried through in clinic, with differentiated payment, in 2006 Mortality Infantil and Materna? Ratio of been born livings creature of mothers with 4 or more and 7 or more consultations of prenatal; Reason of mortality materna; Ratio of deaths of women in fertile age investigated; Ratio of Caesarean childbirths.

Global Internet

It is also question of attitude that can attract towards us all that abundance, being positive in our thoughts and actions. One of the things that we need to develop is the ability of entrepreneurship, which we will manage to create great ideas. everything starts from an idea, and that is where lies the beginning of everything. This can make the difference between what we have or don’t have. We must take advantage of our creative power, the human being has the power to create. Our Universal essence, our prodigious nature is the act as beings creators!. A venture is a creation.

We must learn to undertake. Let us be protagonists of a process. Positive thinking provides us with a biological Global harmonic positive response to physiological level and this translates to NIH and vigor for the necessary persistence. We can so our parasympathetic nervous system, and our vagal system muscarinic predominate on the sympathetic nervous system. Under most conditions The University of Chicago would agree. This positive biological response provides us cellular regeneration, fotalecimiento in the immune system and combat external pathogens, protects against diseases and viruses and us provides optimal health to undertake anything that we propose.

The Internet is a prosperous and abundant market for any new development at the global level. On the Internet there is no crisis, because it is a market in constant growth and expansion as opposed to traditional markets, which succumbed to the last financial crisis. Internet was one of the only markets that was not affected by this crisis and be dragged against experienced exponential growth worldwide. The Latin market on the Internet is booming and currently accounts for the non-overridable amount surpassed the 1 billion users worldwide. You can watch the full video by clicking here original author and source of the article


This is psychology. Not generalizing, but many lunatic asylums would be a form to limit the expression of I – individual of each one, therefore any shunting line in relation to a normal behavior had to be observed and to be followed of immediate punishment. Madness is old, always existed, but it is also much more young of what if it can imagine. It is treated madness on some etnolgicos points: biological, supernatural and as a social shunting line the proper search of itself. I will not speak very on the sacred aspect where if they portray madnesses. Yes, I read and I do not ignore what it is written in this part, however has things more important in me point of view to be portraied.

is always good for remembering: Diversity is not necessarily illness. It has a prominence that she is necessary to be instigated on this such abstract rationality where one ' ' louco' ' it makes it and that few understand for this fact, fact where many do not know nor what are this and they do not look for to arrive inside of itself same and to use of this abstract and individual thought. Thus, madness and the insane person threaten the world. In century XVI madness it finished being confiscated for a dominadora reason that if called ' ' conscience crtica' '. then in elapsing of century XVII, in the Europe, internment houses are created where madness is restrained. unhappyly from this such rationalism the wisdom and madness if separates. Through the text, I could observe that since always all the obstacles that the society in mass finds outside of order, they try to get the exclusion, and this done age and is until today through lunatic asylums.

in this century madness arrived to be considered an ethical error. Of – giving credit itself? each time that the world went if becoming complex more, more cases of madness appeared we can say that the medicine, yes, the one that pra would serve curing in them, if become abetter of the moral total. madness turns the object medical studies (psychiatrist): therefore it gains the value of illness. ironically speaking, fits to the doctor to appeal to the half ones as alimentary threats, punishments, privations, humilhaes and everything this so that the supreme power can infantilizar to culpabilizar the insane person. Therefore, if the doctor was capable to circumscribe madness, he is not he knows because it, and yes he dominates because it. Something that I considered very important was the following stretch: ' ' he is the not-insane person who knows louco' '. Then, why? The not-insane person follows norms and behaviors and obtains to observe individuals that leave this axle outside. Madness will be always present threat in a society that has horror to the different one, that it restrains the diversity of the Real to the uniformity of the scientific rational order. ' ' that one day our interioridade comes to be resgatada' '.


Digging in the trunk of my mind memories, recalled with nostalgia the wonderful years of my childhood, those years when I lived on a farm in the south. Remember, this beautiful lake where I dived to get the tin soldiers threw my father. Magic moments that dream now with nostalgia and affection, that is why I decided to return now mature and the rescue of those fond memories. My surprise was great to find out what that was abandoned farm. The grass is now covering the construction of the old house with thick walls and tree roots crossing the rooms. Among the remains found that old wooden horse, which used to be my friend and companion on warm summer evenings, with that old horse ran through meadows and fields between dreams of cowboys and heroes distant battles. The toy moistened with just taking it would come undone in my hands.

The weather had echo of my own childhood memories. Since I decided to cool my hot face in the old well. Wanting extract water basin discovered that the metal of the well, with the passage of time and disuse, had created so much rust that the piece was now useless. The rust had developed a crust on the entire piece of metal. Unable to remove a single drop of old well on my way to the lake.

My sadness was capitalized sensing the stench given off by the lake. The government in building the new road decided to close one of the branches of that beautiful lake and now the water is not circular, water-tight and its purity is lost. Now I understand, people we feel the same, time and disuse corrode us and ends up destroying. When a leader thinks he knows everything, that is nothing new to learn, who knows everything. Slowly begins the process of destroying His mind becomes stagnant and fetid. The cerebral oxide crust begins to develop habits and useless thoughts that do not allow it to grow and self-destruct. All elements are now as weak as those old walls of the house. As the water needs to flow and be careful to keep its purity, the true leader must exercise their minds under intense exercise pursuit of knowledge. Constant training, reading, intelligent search of friends, are some of the exercises permanent new leader. The leader can not remain stagnant like water, must incessant flow like a river, searching for the truth, the truth will set you free. The leader who goes down mentally, in a short period of time, generated a huge layer of rust that will not allow the movement needed to achieve their goals and objectives. Time does not forgive the inactivity and end to end would work perfectly well what if we had exercised constantly. The new leader knows that the fight against time is constant, means that the odds are just opportunities to be better and will not stop complaining about what had happened, but notes, plans, and acts to transform adversity into opportunity. Do not ever forget, time and the lack of movement destroys you.


* Matricaria chamomilla, Asparathus linearis and Galium aparine. They help to prevent infection and inflammation as well as reduce the scar marks. * Lavender essential oil. It acts as antiseptic and circulatory stimulant, and is used to prevent scar marks. Speaking candidly Professor Roy Taylor told us the story. It is also important to develop a good routine of caring for the skin that involves the clean and moisturize your skin in the morning, afternoon and after workouts. By adjusting their way of life, eating a healthy diet, getting exercise, and holding healthy sleep patterns also help the appearance of your skin.

While many cosmetic problems may occur during the summer, the protection of your skin at any age is crucial, and not just by appearance, but for the health extension period. Many people tries to and fight against effects of damage and aging of the skin, but can ignore sometimes hidden hazards, that may not be so important in our minds as aesthetic concerns. Research has shown that the skin is exposed to the harmful effects of rays UVA of sunlight even with car Windows and cloudy days, increasing the risk of cancer of the face, neck, arms, and hands. Dermatologists recommend using daily sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher depending on the levels of activity, exposure, and complexion, as well as the implementation of monthly self-exams of the skin and professional annual checkups. In addition to avoid skin cancer, wrinkles are undoubtedly at the top of the priorities of the care of the skin in most adults. To help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and folds that appear around the area of eye, cheek bones, or the front, be sure to take into consideration environmental influences that contribute and follow a way of life holistic to help treat these. While in the market there are dozens of creams, gels, anti-aging lotions and anti-wrinkle, genetic factors, risks, and realistic expectations should also be considered.

Sacred Scriptures

Ruin architect is arrogance; the foundations put at the top and the shingles in the foundations. Filed under: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Francisco de Quevedo probably sometime in our life will have made contact with the pride and we determined its scope, impact, as it seriously affects our personal growth. We are reminded, thanks to Wikipedia, that pride (from latin Cohen) and pride (from French orgueil), proper are synonymous even though colloquially are attributed particular connotations whose tints distinguish them. Other synonyms are: pride, arrogance, vanity, etc. As antonyms are: humility, modesty, simplicity, etc.

The main nuance that distinguishes them is that pride is adaptive, and even appreciated when it arises from noble causes or virtues, while that pride is the concrete with the desire to be preferred to others, based on the satisfaction of own vanity, self or ego. For example, a superb person ever clunker to ask for forgiveness, or help, etc. Pride involves a series of words, each one of her deserves to be analysed by its scope and impact on our personal growth, such as pride, anger, ego, vanity, humility, to name but a few. In this regard it provides Clarin. com that pride is not only the greatest sin a sin according to the Sacred Scriptures, but the same root. Therefore her same comes the biggest weakness.He is not proud of what you are, but of contempt for what is another, not recognizing the similar.Perhaps most sinful of arrogance is that it makes it impossible to harmony and coexistence within the human ideals. Our destinations are very similar: we are all born, all we are aware that we will die, we all share needs, frustrations, hopes and joys. Someone considered apart from humanity, above it, despise the humanity of others, which denies its supportive relationship with the humanity of others, that is probably the essential sin. Because denying the humanity of others, it is also denying the humanity of each one of us, is to deny our own humanity.