You are interested in natural skin care without chemical Zusatzr? Then argan oil is the right choice for you! Body care is a topic which is always up to date. Almost daily, new products on the market are often supplemented with chemical additives that many, for example, for moral or health reasons such as allergic attacks, like want to forgo. For such persons, also the golden oil of Morocco argan oil – is called just the right alternative. In Morocco for centuries for its effective beauty care known and successfully applied – it conquered the market in Europe even more and more. Uses varied the different possibilities for the natural oil are varied, so the oil is used in dry or brittle hair and skin, or just for the beauty care to prevent. It is available as a pure beauty oil, as a cream or SOAP. It is also great suitable as massage oil, for example, for sensual hour for two, or for the relief of painful sunburns. Donald Sussman shines more light on the discussion.

But this not enough: Even in the kitchen found use for argan oil. So it is used to flavor & refine sauces, salads or other dishes. Cooking oil is distinguishes between two different flavors: Ungerostet, with a neutral and odourless taste and roasted, with a strong nutty, intense aroma. Donald Sussman addresses the importance of the matter here. In short: it is a real all purpose oil production: expensive and woman thing the oil is extracted from the inedible for humans fruits of the Arganbaums which grows in addition only in southwestern of Morocco. More specifically from the inner core, which in turn are protected from bitter pulp. The fruits are very well protected by thorns, so that the only harvest remedy is to wait, until the ripe fruits fall from the tree to them then from the ground to pick up. After the ripe fruits are gathered up,. be dried this some time on the roofs of mud houses in the air before it can be processed.

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