Tim Vogler Steindamm

Therefore has a quality in Abireisen “especially high priority, which we have a well-balanced price-performance ratio, a wide selection of party – and leisure activities, competent service and a good support by ortskundigeTeamer on-site guarantee”. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. As evidence was JAM!Travel already awarded in 2007 as the first German youth tour operator after a voluntary inspection by the TuV Sud “ServiceQualitat” seal in the points of service quality and customer satisfaction. Students, with JAM! their Abireise would go to 2014, can inform themselves extensively in the new ABI catalog on 124 pages and convince yourself of the offer. This contains an overview of hotels, services, events, and dates & prices, where the high school graduates can orient each destination. SechsTage there is there at JAM! prices starting from 150 per person.

The Germany-wide continuous low price guarantee is always included. In other words: a different operator should cheaper offer the same Abireise, reduces JAM! the competition prize for bookings with more than 15 people again to 200 euro per booking. A rich plus for the Abikasse is also available for quick. Who is up to the 10.10.13 for a there with JAM! Decides, receives a booking with more than 200 people proud 5,000 Euro discount. For bookings with more than 100 people discount for bookings up to 75 persons are 2.000,-Euro 1.500,-euro and 50 people 1.000,-euro.

Students who want to save deal and other early book services, such as outdoor courts, with their Abireise with early book benefits, such as the Eary Bird should start planning early. The current Abireise catalog of JAM! provides the ideal basis for this. The team around AbiJAM! looking forward, also for successful 2014 again Abireisen organize and make this an unforgettable highlight of the entire final year! Contact person / contact: JAM Reisen GmbH Mr. Tim Vogler Steindamm 97 20099 Hamburg E: T: + 49 (0) 40 – 23 51 90 – 0 F: + 49 (0) 40 – 23 51 90 29 W:

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