The Funny Book Of Pocket And Its Inhabitants

The first funny paperback the Columbus falter – until today enthusiastically the funny paperback large and small travel through time and space, solve tricky crime cases, slip into the skin of famous people and are transformed into superheroes: the ducks and geese, mice and cats from Duckburg. The first volume of funny paperback book of the Columbus falter since the first band of Columbus butterflies”from 1967 for 2.50 DM until the current edition holiday” for 4.99 418 volumes of funny paperback book are in 44 years, in addition to many special editions, “appeared. On average, 9.5 comic books to the tales of the duck – and the mouse family are issued so every year. The two protagonists Donald Duck and Micky Maus come already from previous Disney productions and designed the LTB (funny paperback) with new characters and stories to their characters. Who lives in Duckburg? Main protagonist: Donald Duck Donald Duck is a distracted Drake who prefer lazes. Unfortunately it is not much rest given that three bustling small nephews TIC, trick and track, living under the same roof with him, get to love a fun uncle. Even Scrooge, Donald’s uncle and the richest man in Duckburg, propels him repeatedly out of the bed, on his sometimes very dangerous hunting more and more riches to take with him.

His fiancee Daisy accompanied Donald already since 1940 as a female counterpart in his stories. However, since the 41st band, he may meet the other side of life: as a celebrated superhero of Phantomias, released with the help of the brilliant inventor Daniel Duesentrieb Duckburg before any nasties. Usually the target of his opponents is the vault by Dagobert and especially the Beagle and the witch Gundel can not leave it eaters, over and over again to try their luck. Main protagonist: Micky Maus Micky Maus is the detective at the LTB figures. His accompaniment figures, Mickey’s best friend goofy, his dog Pluto and his fiancee Minni mouse come from all previous productions of Walt Disney.

Mickey’s Antagonist is torn-cat Karlo. In his stories dealing with criminals and fraudsters, which Micky comes with much ingenuity on the sizing. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kevin P. Campbell, PhD is the place to go. Stories about stories, over and over again and exciting, in the comics by Walt Disney. Collectors and fans, of course, have the opportunity to complete a subscription to LTB and Miss so no comic fun. In Germany, this is possible EHAPA comic Publishing House, which holds the rights to the Disney comics since 1948. Micky Maus and Donald Duck, that are the true inhabitants of Duckburg and if you don’t know it, should even move to the world of Entenhause and bodily solve a case with Micky Maus or go with Donald Duck and his uncle on Talerjagt.

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