Sustainable Development

PRIMITIVE AND TRADITIONAL SOCIETIES: An EXAMPLE the SERSEGUIDO FOR a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Rita de Cssia Saucers Rodrigues 1 Summary the article analyzes the way of life of the etradicionais primitive populations uniting them it the developments sustainable. still, argues, exactly that resumidamente, on the etnoeconomia. For in such a way, it analyzes the study deCavalcanti (2001), without if restricting it. In the current ambient context, each time more important e, mainly, urgent becomes, to find novasformas of development. The form as the above-mentioned populations lives esobrevivem the thousand of years without attacking the way where they inhabit has if mostradoum support example to be followed.

Word-key: primitive and traditional populations; sustainable development. PRIMITIVEAND TRADITIONAL SOCIETIES: AN EXAMPLE YOU BE FOLLOWED WILL BE the MAINTAINABLEDEVELOPMENT Summary traditional The articleanalyzes the way of life of the primitive and populations formingan alliance them with the maintainable developments. It is still, it discusses, even if concisely, on the etnoeconomia. It will be alone much, it analyzes the study ofCavalcanti (2001), without restricting him. In the current environmentalcontext, he/she becomes lives and lives important and, mainly, urgent, you findnew development forms.

The form the foregoing populations lives and theysurvive thousands of years without attacking the middle where you/they live hasif shown the support example you be proceeded. Word-key: primitive and traditionalpopulations; maintainable development. Introduction the sustainable development if has become a challenge paraa society contemporary. The ambient, social problems, eeconmicos politicians are many and the solutions, until then, minimum and are limited. Asociedade each time more is developed prioritizing the economic increment, using itself of the natural resources without considering its limitations. Recursosnaturais related here is not only about the natural way, as it is frequentementealudido, but considering all the biticos and abiticos organisms and suasinterrelaes. Being the human being integrant and modificante part of this way. In the majority of the definitions, to develop itself sustentavelmentesignifica to know to use these resources of form that the same estejamdisponveis for the current and future generations.

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