Stockholm Conference

As was to be expected, one of the by-products of the summits of the Danish capital on climate change, would have as a by-product, a wider dissemination of environmental issues. You amazes them of these meetings and thematic, they did not do more than stay in their antagonistic positions. Those positions they had been hinting since the 1972 Stockholm Conference, is profiled in the Eco 92, and confronted openly from Seattle in 1999. The block called hegemonic expanded 8 G, it did nothing more than ratify what has been agreed in L’Aquila in July this year. He has not said or done anything new, for which we have been following as equitably as possible to found paradigms that comes processing these issues. It is not easy, rid itself of the ideologizadas prospects that supports everyone who is interested in these topics. In particular, caught my attention what was said in the parallel Summit of mayors (mayors), and much common sense had his statement terminator Schwarzenegger, or as it is called, then the Governor of California. China’s and (has already coined the neologism Chimerica, to symbiosis, articulated with the bonds of the U.S.

Treasury in the hands of the Peking Dome) his peculiar relationship with the United States, is not more than a step more toward the visibilization process that starts with the liberalization of the Chinese economy that started in 1978. Acerbic criticism that is generating this model that combines the social disciplining with the transnational strategy are known. Once more it is clear Brazil alignment with respect to American interests. Not in vain they participated in the second world war the allies, nor received because if the country label key in era (Richard) Nixon. We must remember that the Lula of Brazil is spokesman for the positions of the MERCOSUR.

Still endure echoes of the fall of the Berlin wall, and it would be good, even for the most critical, assume that that occurred. The uncritical or critical positions they should assume that asymmetric globalization/globalisation is the stage on which should work, those who wish to participate. Those who do not, know that they will also experience the consequences of what they do in their respective quotidianity. And this asymmetric globalization has as components of fund the energy crisis, the food emergency and climate change.

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