Process Service

Main Laboratory Ltd. "LMZ Scud" is a system of service quality and consists of three laboratories – chemical, metallographic, testing. The activities of the chemical laboratory is multifunctional: process control regimes of coating, the input control of materials used in all stages of the production of wheels and environmental monitoring. Technological modes of painting the wheels are subjected to the current monitoring and correcting, providing high quality products. Laboratory specialists together with technologists enterprises conduct research on the selection of paints, considering the requirements of a particular consumer. Paints and varnishes are evaluated according to standard methods leading automakers in the adhesion, corrosion resistance, climatic factors and other specific characteristics. Holding the input control of materials due to the need to implement a stable process of preparing an alloy casting and painting cast aluminum wheels.

Strict compliance with relevant regulatory documentation for chemical analysis, helps prevent the production of materials with characteristics that do not meet the requirements. Since the company "LMZ" Scud "is certified to ISO 14001: 2004, then holding Environmental monitoring is an essential element in the functioning of the environmental management of the company and the prevention of environmental pollution. With the introduction of the new equipment and technology changes, once estimated to contribute to the ecological environment and the company is taking steps to neutralize the undesirable effects. The level of applied technologies and the quality of automotive disks depends on the efficient and highly professional work of FMM. While improving the process and the development of new alloys Process Service in conjunction with CFL conducting exploratory work on the basis of plans for experimental work.

They are given the chemical composition, the parameters of preparation and casting, heat treatment and metallurgical studies. State of structural elements metallic materials and the level of mechanical properties allow us to determine the optimal composition of the alloy and its processing parameters, yields the best performance products. Choice materials for tooling in accordance with the requirements of increased longevity and razgarostoykosti performance is carried out based on the results of metallographic studies. Equipping the laboratory allows the study of quality of all types of metallic materials (aluminum, copper, carbide, steel, iron, etc.) to meet the requirements of GOST, ASTM, EN. In preparing microsections using modern techniques and materials that provides an opportunity to conduct a qualitative assessment of the depth and wheel covers, and other modified decarbonized layers. Engineering – technical personnel laboratory has extensive experience and proven techniques to study the causes of marriage goods, the destruction of the instrument, the reasons for non-compliance of quality products to customer requirements for a claim manufacturer. The results are given in the form of conclusions and recommendations provided with illustrations.

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