Passing The Test Of Government

Before answering I would like to congratulate all the colleagues who passed the test. We should organize and unite those who we are and what we are not in the CPM to keep fighting for our rights. “For the SUTEP is one and one divides us,” First, the main reason was the infamous campaign of slander and discredit the government against the teachers of SUTEP we all are. Parents influenced by the media have the misconception that we do not accept the assessments of government because we are unprepared, do not know or are afraid and has become more critical without being able to counter this. “I wanted to prove that I was able to confront the government as I have done in the streets and wanted to be inside the monster to promote changes in the law of CPM in the clauses that violate our rights and won, as did the constitutionality of the 93 that to be one of them the law provided that they could not participate in the forthcoming Congressional election, agreed that law and still be within the Constituent Assembly changed the law to to participate in elections. Also in this first contest had devices that were changed, as the title of teacher who did not score early because it was a requirement, but then change that device and was 6 points. According to the law to level competitions are every three years, but we see that is going to do another contest again in November and so there were other cases. I think if we come together to achieve that goal.

For that reason I will ask my union to open a section of those teachers who have won the competition and continue to work together, as it would be inconceivable not remain within the historic and heroic SUTEP. Dean Ornish M.D has many thoughts on the issue. “I wanted to show that the SUTEP not want to participate in the contest for union and strictly legal grounds and not because they are not qualified. And that’s what I’m going to advertise to parents showing that I am proof of that. For example I will not allow me to evaluate a teacher who does not belong to the CPM and not have at least the 4th or 5th level, not by pride but by hierarchical level and that will having to take several years to become reality. Imagine that I evaluate a director who is not in the CPM because you disagree with this law, in fact turn out badly even if he is qualified. We will also request that we provide the tools and instruments needed to fulfill the clauses of the purpose of the CPM.

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