Overcome Jealousy

The psychological profile of the person who feels jealousy relates the low self-esteem, insecurity and fear to be replaced. The jealous person, besides having negative emotional reactions, has need to estimate and a continuous demand for approval. The jealous person demands the sacrifice of being loved unconditionally, being incapable of sacrificing her, since it tends to be too selfish and distrustful. Now, are how a person becomes jealous? From babies, we began demanding an exclusive care of our mother, looking for food and safety. This produces an affective link that we could call attachment; our mother is our first attachment figure. The trend will be to find figures of attachment throughout our life. The mother, as initial attachment figure, can be replaced by another person, for example, a friend or partner.

Being older, when we feel threaten the care of that person that we stick us, appear jealous. In our society, jealousy, hatred or love, emotions that are they may possess negative traits as positive. When referring to jealousy, we can speak of normal jealousy as a token of affection towards the person that we love; in this case, a minimum expression of jealousy would be necessary. However, if our relationship jealousy are continuous, we talk about unhealthy jealousy because they tend to wear out and break the bond of affection, emerging criticisms, complaints and demands of unconditionality towards our loved one. As part of the love life, jealousy is presented as a natural emotion that expresses anxiety about the possible loss of our necessary figure of attachment, which would provide us with psychological security.

What will determine that jealousy is pathological or normal is its intensity and its motivation, based on a cause justified or groundless. Necessary jealousy if the objective of jealousy is attracting the attention of the person celada, you can understand that, in certain situations, they are presented as necessary. In newly formed couples, one of the indexes to verify if the other person is really interested is the demonstration of jealousy. It is so the appearance of jealousy by one member of the couple lets you know to each other about their reciprocal feelings and they are conceived as flattering. It is very common, at this stage, that jealousy is interpreted as an expression of the importance that a person has for the other. In the marriages of years, this kind of jealousy is useful because it acts as a generator of vital energy in the couple. Jealousy is as a reaction of alert before a loving slump of any member of the couple. We can say that, in this context, jealousy is healthy and constructive because they seek to keep lit the flame of love. Another case of positive jealousy can see them when they act as stimulants to love. They are often as a kind of energy spark that lead people to carry out productive activities, that yesteryear would have failed because they had passed unnoticed.

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