The Catalan food is famous beyond their borders the reason? Very simple, its flavors collected the best of the Mediterranean cuisine with its seafood, fish and flavors from the garden and the mountain. So you don’t waste time looking for restaurants that prepare Catalan specialities, you are going to tell where can eat the best cod fritters, tuna with Teriyaki or lamb preparations. The restaurant O Toxo 3 brothers you will find typical specialities of Catalonia with this unbeatable homemade taste. If you have read about Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The typical food has intense flavors, following the style of the old still-lifes of the region. Fish and seafood are very fresh and well prepared, as well as meats in all of their local versions. Also has delicious desserts with fresh fruits of the area and good wines to accompany your lunch or dinner. It is located in Carmen 59 and the daily menu price is 15 euros.

Another great alternative is the Alli i oli, its culinary offer are the meats the fathoms with salads of the garden, potatoes caliu and other wonders of the local cuisine, which can be enjoyed in a rustic setting that resembles a cave. There are three complete menus, including dessert, coffee and beverages whose prices ranging from 52,50 euros to 42 euros for two people. In addition there are dishes a la carte as cod au gratin or Llauna snails and their address is Carrer d Alella 3. In the Bar, brewery and restaurant 4 Gats is a Catalan cuisine, sophisticated, with gourmet touches, which included in their daily menus. The value of the menu is 15,97 EUR plus VAT from Monday to Friday, Saturdays costs 23,90 plus VAT. Your address is Montsio 3 bis and can make reservations in advance by a family restaurant very attractive is Cal Boter, where the Catalan cuisine has been adapted to the current requirements of lightness, but preserving the traditional taste. His specialties are the meats the fathoms, fish and fresh vegetables. It also has a good letter of the traditional ice creams, fresh fruits and homemade desserts. Located in Tordera 62, has a capacity to attend to 70 people and the average prices of the Charter is 25 euros, noon menu 10.8 euros plus VAT.

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