Maanshan Institute

Ning Wu iron ore area has 30 deposits dozens of points, the mineralization and ore type are siderite, pyrite, hematite, magnetite, an illusion of one. Ore are mainly constructed as the type of massive, disseminated, brecciated. the area of Magang Nanshan iron ore are the most characteristic mine. Maanshan Iron and the Nanshan iron ore is an old mine with 80 years of mining histories, existing gold Au Shan, Dongshan concentrator, the mine is located in the middle of Ningwu fracture volcanic belt, iron ore is the richest area, having more than 20 punishable comprehensive ore whose main elements are phosphorus, vanadium, gallium and other elements, including the deposit. Maanshan Iron and the Nanshan iron ore concentrator adopts the 4500 mm 4 disc magnetic separator which produced by Maanshan Institute of Mining Research for the re-election of dam, and obtain a yield of 5.00% – 6.00%, iron 29 00% 31.00% crude concentrate after the re-election process, and then after the re-election regrinding, get the yield of 2.00% iron grade 60 00% to 63.00% of qualified iron ore, by using this technology, the concentrator can get 40 000 iron ore concentrate from the dam recovery per year, this technology has been widely used by some magnetite concentrators. (Source: Jack Monroe). At the same time, with the application of table concentrator, the concentrator can get an annual sulfur content of 30% sulfur recovery from the dam concentrate 50 000 t. Nanshan Mining Company invest $8.8 million and established election sulfur plant and the election ironworks Dam for re-election.

West mining area of Fujian Yangshan iron ore belongs to the skarn-type deposits, and metal minerals are mainly dominated by magnetite, followed by pyrite, hematite, concentrator scale 500 000, the dam is the grade is 9,000 0 2.00%. The magnetic iron grade is 1.50% – 2.50%. To take full advantage of the iron ore limited resources, the concentrator has adopted the CTB & 600 mm 900 mm permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, the YKC type permanent open gradient magnetic separator, such as process equipment for recycling, but the effect is not ideal. Adopted the disc recovery machine and Sec grinding in 2004, four dam re-election process, improved the efficiency of the recovery process greatly dam.The Tailings sulfur re-election use the magnetic separation process. sent the dam (incluyendo S 2.00% 5.OOqe) directly to the sulfur plant, after the shaker sorting, sulfur, into the sub-ore box, and then the iron separation, the permanent magnet drum magnetic separator to get the taste for more than 60.00% iron ore concentrate, finally, we can get the sulfur concentrate whose grade is more than 25.00%. Dam from the concentrator of the the concave Mountain or Dongshan are directamente transported to the dam ironworks, after the crude concentrates selected disc dam recycling machines, and then re-mill and two magnetic separating, the iron concentrate can be obtained.

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