Digging in the trunk of my mind memories, recalled with nostalgia the wonderful years of my childhood, those years when I lived on a farm in the south. Remember, this beautiful lake where I dived to get the tin soldiers threw my father. Magic moments that dream now with nostalgia and affection, that is why I decided to return now mature and the rescue of those fond memories. My surprise was great to find out what that was abandoned farm. The grass is now covering the construction of the old house with thick walls and tree roots crossing the rooms. Among the remains found that old wooden horse, which used to be my friend and companion on warm summer evenings, with that old horse ran through meadows and fields between dreams of cowboys and heroes distant battles. The toy moistened with just taking it would come undone in my hands.

The weather had echo of my own childhood memories. Since I decided to cool my hot face in the old well. Wanting extract water basin discovered that the metal of the well, with the passage of time and disuse, had created so much rust that the piece was now useless. The rust had developed a crust on the entire piece of metal. Unable to remove a single drop of old well on my way to the lake.

My sadness was capitalized sensing the stench given off by the lake. The government in building the new road decided to close one of the branches of that beautiful lake and now the water is not circular, water-tight and its purity is lost. Now I understand, people we feel the same, time and disuse corrode us and ends up destroying. When a leader thinks he knows everything, that is nothing new to learn, who knows everything. Slowly begins the process of destroying His mind becomes stagnant and fetid. The cerebral oxide crust begins to develop habits and useless thoughts that do not allow it to grow and self-destruct. All elements are now as weak as those old walls of the house. As the water needs to flow and be careful to keep its purity, the true leader must exercise their minds under intense exercise pursuit of knowledge. Constant training, reading, intelligent search of friends, are some of the exercises permanent new leader. The leader can not remain stagnant like water, must incessant flow like a river, searching for the truth, the truth will set you free. The leader who goes down mentally, in a short period of time, generated a huge layer of rust that will not allow the movement needed to achieve their goals and objectives. Time does not forgive the inactivity and end to end would work perfectly well what if we had exercised constantly. The new leader knows that the fight against time is constant, means that the odds are just opportunities to be better and will not stop complaining about what had happened, but notes, plans, and acts to transform adversity into opportunity. Do not ever forget, time and the lack of movement destroys you.

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