Lawyer In Athens (Greece)

German-speaking lawyers in Athens (Greece), a German-speaking lawyer in Athens (Greece) is hard to find. To fill this gap in the market now, the firm of ECOVIS offers direct access legal Athens after Greece. Both German companies as those from other European countries have a competent contact person for legal advice here. The company is a partner firm of ECOVIS Europe AG, which is active worldwide. In this connection the firm of ECOVIS is Athens legally on a nationwide consultation.

So she offers not only legal advice in the capital city of Athens, but also throughout the country. To implement cross-border projects, the company relies on an effective interaction between the native German knowledge and experience in the field of German law on the one hand as well as understanding the Greek mentality, the domestic response of the authority procedure and practice everyday Greek authorities and courts on the other hand. This is a specific Ensure cooperation of both jurisdictions. Just this interdisciplinary knowledge of employees makes the firm of ECOVIS legal Athens a competent partner in terms of cross-border projects. To the implementation of transnational companies ECOVIS offers far more than a mere legal advice legal Athens.

Because of its extensive network of partners, projects in addition to the lawyers are also tax advisors or accountants, auditors, or if required by engineers and real estate agents or other service providers who ensure comprehensive advice. So, the chances of success of the project in all its aspects can be considered. Also questions of international law can be answered by the international design. A particular focus of the company is located in the area of commercial law. It includes start-ups, conversions by companies, aspects of the mergers & acquisitions as well as issues of intellectual property law. The company also offers consulting in the field of commercial and company law. Also real estate law and the drafting of contracts – both in German and Greek language – are offered. Overall, the company is a competent partner in the international field.

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