Inner Peace

looking between my stuff found a known magazine ytraia in one of his deliveries an anecdote that I caught poderosamentela attention. That is why today I want to share the Contigo. Recounts the same protagonist: once – writes – cuandoera young and full of illusions, I made a list of the values humanoscon which I could succeed in life. My aspirations inventory comprised the following values hierarchy pororden: Salud-amor-talento-poder-riquezas-fama-trabajo-belleza-exitos-amistades-diversiones then with this list I went, proud and triumphant a. where cultured and experienced unanciano thinking that it was the key demi happiness, and showed him the list that I had written.

Young friend congratulate you. s an excellent list and I see that estaordenada in such a way that does not deny that is reasonable. But you know what? It seems to me that she has omitted the important ingredientemas, without which, your list is going to otemprano later become an intolerable burden. That ingredient is that?, lepregunte I immediately with curiosity. Then the old man experienced, by response tacho my list top down, and wrote on it only two uppercase words: PazInterior. Do and I found the list have heard well, friend and brother? Inner peace! If you don’t have esteingrediente, all your aspirations finished in vacuum. The pazinterior helps us to walk through life with joy yentusiasmo; inner peace is the background music that must be acompanarnuestras activities that charge a valuable sense; the pazinterior is that makes the man feel verdaderamenterealizado.

Inner peace! Exclaims one of the characters of the novel the plague by Albert Camus. Only thing that interests the man at the end of the day – he says – is finding inner peace. How to do to put your mind into action so that all our thoughts exactly focus on goals to achieve, without distracting us and guiding us exactly in the path to success. Note: send us an email to and calls for a special gift to calm your mind original author and source of the article.

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