Herniated Disc Ozone

Solution to the herniated disc or back pain what is herniated disc? The herniated disc is a condition in which part of the intervertebral disc moves towards the nerve root, pressing and producing neurological injury resulting from this injury. It can be contained (only a deformation of the nerve) or with rupture. This disease can occur along the entire back, in any vertebra. We can therefore speak of a cervical herniated disc or a herniated lumbar disc. You have the following symptoms:-with a lumbar disc herniation (lower part of the back):-you have stabbing pain in one part of the leg, hip or buttocks, and numbness in other parts.

-also experience sensations in the back of the calf or the sole of the foot. The affected leg may feel weak. -With a herniated cervical disc (neck):-you can have pain when moving the neck, deep pain close to or above the scapula, or pain radiating to the upper part of the arm, forearm or, in rare Sometimes the fingers. Above all the pain worsens when walking, after standing or sitting, at night, to the sneezing and the laugh. In any case, it is very painful and usually there is a single known solution to alleviate your pain: operation. Unfortunately, science has not investigated enough to solve this disease without going through surgery. And many people believe that it is the only option to forget that pain (in addition to taking many medications such as analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs).

But there is the solution that many are unaware: a natural and fully compatible with human treatment. It is ozone therapy. What is ozone? Ozone is a gas which mixes a 95% oxygen and 5% ozone. It is a totally natural and treatment with a great list of benefits to humans such as: oxygenating, revitalising, regenerating, antioxidant, powerful immunostimulant, high-powered germicidal, anti-inflammatory. Your application is through infiltration or by autohemotherapy. For each case you have a form of application. In the case of the herniated disk and back pain, some infiltrations are made in the affected area, helping to reduce inflammation and to regenerate. Unfortunately, ozone therapy is not very known in Spain, but if in many European countries in Germany (which is even in public health), in Italy, in Russia and in countries around the world such as Cuba or the US. In Italy, there is the statistic that confirms that 85% of people who have been treated with medicinal ozone his herniated disc problem, be them has reduced or completely removed the pain without having to undergo surgery. And of course, if the hernia is too serious and has to be operated, ozone therapy helps to regenerate cells so that it heals faster and with greater reliability. Also causes it become not to repeat this disease, because in many cases, the operation does not guarantee 100% solution to the pain of herniated disc. Where can I take the treatment? There are different centres in Spain destined for the practice of this treatment, especially in the capital and in Barcelona. Our Center is in Sabadell, in the outskirts of Barcelona. For more information please, contact us via Facebook at: Clinic doctor TRESOX (such as friendship). The doctor personally, give them an answer to your questions. Put an end to pain. Clinic doctor TRESOX original author and source of the article.

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