Football Fever

Translators and interpreters in football fever In the next year is it again: is the final tournament of the 14th UEFA European Football Championship. Between June and July of next year again 16 teams compete, fighting for the title of European champion. This time two countries are like at the last European championship venue: Poland and the Ukraine. In a total of 31 games, the European champion is determined in 2012. It will be the last European Championship likely to, in which 16 teams at the start. From 2016, the number of participating teams to be supposedly raised to 24. Millions of spectators in the stadiums and in front of the televisions are expected to follow this spectacle.

The football European Championships are transferred to many countries around the world, not only in Europe. For outside Europe, the interest is great for European football. Large, experienced on the international parquet translation agencies will be here again in demand when it comes to interpreting and translations. Conference interpreters on Press conferences of the players and coaches of the respective national teams interpreting interviews of the players interpreting between coach and players often it happens that the coach of a national team comes from another country. For this purpose, interpreters are also needed.

They play a crucial role when it comes to the correct communication between players and coaches. Consider, for example, Otto Rehhagel, who first came as national coach after Greece without any language skills. Thanks to his interpreter, who also acted as assistant coach, he could easily communicate with the team and get totally surprising at the end even the European Champion title. In addition to the interpreting, translations of various kinds are required when a such global event. Polish German translation of reports around the EM Spanish German translations of German sports texts English translations of advertising material Ukrainian German translations of newspaper articles important for also the necessary know-how in the field of sport and the enthusiasm for the sport are the success of translations in addition to the perfect knowledge of the language. It is also important that the translators translate into their own mother tongue, because only the native speaker knows the appropriate words in the target language.

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