EMS Victim

Any one of us throughout life we can find in critical situations where there are people who need our help, so we want to give some basic tips on first aid, common sense generally, of how to act in cases of emergency. 1 Is very important to keep calm to act quickly and coordinated, in addition anxiety and panic spread quickly to the victim and people that surround him and rather your serenity and technical skill will give confidence to other. 2. The first thing to do is a general assessment, how many victims there, the severity of each, if there is any danger around by electric current example, movement of vehicles, toxic fumes, etc. 3-candle for your safety: only professionals, people physically and mentally prepared as firefighter, emergency santitarias technician, nurse, the nursing assistant…they could try heroic rescues in circumstances of risk. If you suffer an accident by taking unnecessary risks to help, finally will get what there are two victims instead of one, you know, you do not confuse EMS with heroism!If you are injured you will not help anyone. 4 Well explores the victim: remember what to observe well the injured because you may have more than one injury. Once found injuries calculates how can affect the overall status of the victim.

5. If it is necessary to move the victim do it very carefully to not aggravate his injury. 6 Prevents negative comments and be nice with the injured person, tries to reassure her and prevents to see his injuries. 7 Hold the victim in heat: when a person is injured costs it you regulate the temperature of your body, therefore, if you sandstorm it with a blanket, a towel a coat or anything else so appreciate you. 8. Do not give out or drink eat the victim and either you provide medications, the person may have suffered an abdominal trauma, may need surgery in the next few hours, etc. 9-all the injuries of the victim should be evaluated by a doctor, tries to be present when this is done to tell what you’ve done and you have not done. If you could not be present procurement leave clara your performance to a third person to be she who transmit it. 10 Accept your limits: is important to be aware that the results of your help will depend on the time you have, your knowledge, your skill, means you have at your fingertips, and other factors so it thinks you will not always get the result that you would have wanted.

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