Electrical Installation

duwi Z-Wave wireless system brings intelligent light in the nursery of Breckerfeld, March 30, 2009 the nursery is subject to permanent changes like no other housing. See Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more details and insights. Whether baby, toddler, classroom or teen brings new demands on the spatial environment every phase of life. Electrical installations, which adapts to the changing requirements and grows, both parents and their offspring offers increased comfort, optimum use of housing and an increase in security in everyday life. The Z-Wave wireless system by duwi enables wireless control of lighting, heating, shutters, and multimedia devices, as well as the flexible placement of the corresponding switch, without dust and rubble. The status of the electrical equipment in the nursery is available on the remote control at any time, giving the parents of additional security and control.

The installation is construction biologically harmless, because sends the system at a low frequency. en more insight to the discussion. May remain something of the light? \”, often ask children before Fall asleep. With the Z-Wave wireless system parents can do this favor to their little ones. So you can at any time to check whether the children are turning off the light or television, later, for example, from the living room or bedroom. In addition, parents can obtain in advance saved scenarios. For example, Just in time to 8: 30 automatically shut down the shutters, and the lighting is dimmed. Free design possibilities thanks to flexible switch no room is over the years so often revamped or rearranged and adapted to the changing needs and stages of life of its inhabitants as the nursery.

Therefore continuously also constantly new requirements for electrical installations arise. For example, fixed light switch located after rearranging the furniture often in the wrong place. The duwi Z-wave radio system offers switch flexible and freely positioned according to the needs can be glued on almost any surface. For example, If a child must get up at night, it can be from your bed the light switch on, rather than to grope in the dark to the light switch.

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