Market for contemporary art is shifting to the Internet with the greatly increased use of the Internet and a thriving online art market has made the parallel as rapidly growing interest of the population in contemporary art. More and more art dealers and galleries are beginning to offer also works over the Internet, there is also now a pure online galleries. Art Marktpatze such as artists.de, where many consignors set artworks offer the largest selection. You will find continuously over 100,000 works of contemporary art – a selection as she could offer no single art dealer or any Gallery at artists.de. (You must not leave the House) the continuous availability and allocation of free time is the more choice and convenience.

In contrast to only occasionally held art exhibitions or art fairs the Internet is always open the art. Www.artists.de, the art market is open to all. Here everyone can, whether collectors, artist, Gallery or art dealer, art set, sale offer. Here, every user can search free for works of art or artists and this if necessary. purchase. At artists.de you will find the whole range of contemporary art: the art students, jungenTalenten and emerging artists to world-renowned names like Beuys, Christo. Immendorff, Dali, Polke, Lupertz, Meese, Ramos and many others. From the unique to the signed multiple.

There are all genres and techniques. The prices range from under 100 to over 100,000 euros. Constantly offers attractive special offers of established artists, which have been reduced in price. All works of art offered in the section “Famous artists” have been carefully checked on authenticity, authenticity, originality and condition. Regularly, particularly innovative or outstanding artists will be discussed by professional curators. In addition interesting works are recommended by the artists.de editorial staff (tips of the editorial office).The use of artists.de is free for art providers, such as for art seekers. Also the membership can be completed free of charge. On request, artists can complete a premium (paid) membership with advanced features. Sales, a small Commission is charged by the seller. Rusty Holzer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. artists.de is a project of the Dusseldorf company 4 d of projects.

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