Cure Wounds

Photo by Binefacere via Flickr when we face the difficult task of healing wounds to our children, often do not know which is the correct technique and material need. Both the technique and the materials will vary depending on the type of wound and State of the same. And we must not forget that they are children, so will have to try to reassure them from the first moment that it cures it does not become a fight. Can wounds heal at home? In principle simple wounds, such as simple cuts and erosions. Those having heavy bleeding, cut with separation of edges or where there is loss of tissue, should be evaluated and treated at a health centre.

What are the purpose of our action? The main objectives will be to prevent the onset of infection and facilitate healing. Infection can occur as a result of the germs present in the dirt or in our own skin, taking advantage of damage is can infect the tissues. What material we need to cure it? We will need gauze, serum of washing (sometimes with clean water will be enough), an antiseptic and bandages if is necessary to let the stuffy wound. Technical to heal wounds first of all it will be reassuring to our son to let heal. This is a task sometimes complicated, since the wounds hurt and the child is facing situations that are unknown to him.

It is important to talk to him so that it relaxes and explain the entire process so that you know what you are going to do at all times. Once the child is ready, we will thoroughly clean the wound. We will us wash us hands to avoid contaminating the area more and we will wash any wound well to remove the maximum amount of microorganisms and soil by dragging. This can be done with saline or water and a mild soap that does not irritate the skin. If the wound is bleeding a little, we must press a few minutes with gauze to the bleeding subsides. Once clean, we desinfectaremos the wound. For this, we can use different antiseptics or disinfectants. We will have to have one or two different and use each depending on the wound that we have. We will apply the antiseptic with gauze (avoid cotton, which can fray and stay glued to the wound) and in a circular motion, smearing the wound first and then the edges. Already disinfected, we cannot leave the wound to air or stuffy. Normally it is recommended to cover it if there is possibility that it can get dirty (common in children) or the rubbing of it produces pain.Aftercare can be repeated the cure twice a day 3 days, moment in which appears the scar tissue and not necessary to cure more times. In the case that the wound presented signs of infection (pain, redness, swelling, heat or presence of pus), we will have to go to a professional the values. I hope that these tips help you lose the fear when it comes to heal your children. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have. Original author and source of the article

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