People with cardiovascular disease, the allergic can take it without problem (gluten-free) gluten or lactose, which suffer from diabetes (while in this case it is recommended to consult the specialist not to exceed the protein intake suitable for each patient) and also those who have overweight, since pure collagen has no fats, sugars and carbohydrates. Daily dose of collagen to enjoy its benefits, simply incorporate daily 10 g. of collagen (a full tablespoon) into a liquid food we eat normally. Although collagen has a fairly neutral flavour, it is recommended to take it dissolved in milk well be mixed with coffee, cocoa or tea in soups, broths, consommes or infusions. Because it is a food that does not present adverse side-effects, a natural collagen can be taken indefinitely at the recommended dose.

Your health benefits, especially the reduction of pain articulate, they can be seen after 1 to 3 months taking it daily at the recommended dose. These benefits have been proven through rigorous scientific and clinical studies. Inside our face is responsible for revealing that we are no longer so young, since it makes visible expression lines and wrinkles, and the thinning of the lips. Dramatic resembling, this situation does not have why remove the dream, because it is possible to resort to novel treatment based on collagen; procedure that is located within the area of plastic surgery, and consists of injecting the substance into the skin in order to fill the area that you want to fix to restore its vitality, youth and sensuality. This requires using a very fine needle, which introduces small amount of the compound in the different areas to be treated, which gives as a result smoothing skin and thicker lips, as the case. You must bear in mind that once you complete the process will feel mild discomfort, mild pain, swelling and minimal bruising, same will disappear within a few days, in addition, we must consider that the results of this technique are not permanent, so tweaks are required every 3 to 12 months, although some people serves as a stimulus so that your body naturally produces this protein.

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