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As mentioned in the dialogue of Dr. Galician and Martin Rodriguez Salas, which indicate that spirituality itself evolves in a way, even if one likes it or not, is part of human evolution is a natural part evolution, but feels that man alone is able to evolve consciously. But also believes that any interested group to have evolved because then people would have power, so that modern and postmodern policies if they speak a lot of development but still aiming to the realm of the material because that way people lost in the problems of this kind of philosophy and they may still have power. Learn more at: Dean Ornish M.D. Also emphasize that a Reform of this kind is not going to definitely top to bottom, it will take for the impulse of the people, waking, slow or fast, depending on the potential of each person, the consciousness of individuals and must reach at which time can not be stopped, why? Because it is the natural evolution of being. This is pointed out in his dialogue, Roger Stack, the reason for establishing a relationship between the communities of Mexico and Australia. This states that did not think it possible to separate the philosophical discussion of holistic education, travel or effort of those who practice it, all the people we encounter have their own agenda, their own efforts, his own journey, its own perspective, and although we use all the same words and terms would always be a difference if we all come to a meeting and at the end of the meeting we all agreed to return to our communities and families, our personal agendas would color back to what we have learned, perhaps even change what we thought know and believe also that there are local community tours, travel countries, Mexico has its travel, your travel Australia, the United States have their travel and travel of these communities have some things in common and others very different. A related site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta mentions similar findings.

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