What Should Companies On XING, Facebook & Co?

Fall seminar of science issues to the process optimization and social media / registration also still at short notice Reutlingen. Click Dean Ornish M.D to learn more. Companies without a facebook account are now hardly conceivable. The so-called social media”includes offers an integral part of business strategies. Are unclear but until today the legal reviews, about a XING account owns, which was created by an employee for the company. Questions on the, Dr. Wolfgang Hackenberg will give an answer of STZ-pvm in Reutlingen in the autumn seminar of economic computer science at Reutlingen University on Wednesday. Traditional focus of the autumn seminar is the topic of process optimization. The program, as the organizer of Prof.

Dr. Herbert Glockle, this attack on current trends and introduce successful ways. So reported the Senoir Vice President and CIO of Vorwerk & Co.KG business process responsibility within the corporate IT and enters for example on the question of whether the harmonization of business processes bring something. Other speakers of the event are Urda Stieler the Festo GmbH in Esslingen, Ralf Fauser, gebr Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Nurtingen and Bernhard Winkler, head of ICT region of automotive lighting GmbH in Reutlingen. Lectures by professors of the Reutlingen University, looking at the topic of process optimisation from a scientific perspective to be added.

This mix of examples from practice with the findings of science interesting and the reason why the fall seminar is held successfully for almost 20 years at Reutlingen University is just for Prof. Dr. Herbert Glockle of Business Informatics of the University of Reutlingen. Many companies in the region have contracted here suggestions and ideas and are therefore always again. “, so Herbert Glockle.

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