Water Spring

First of all, it falls to the ground as rain, and then soaks into the ground, passing a few tens of meters before getting into the groundwater system. Naturally, on its way, it comes in contact with various substances, dissolve them, and remember information about this action. That this may be the impact? The answer to this question can not be unambiguous. If the rain falls over the woods in a place that exudes positive energy, then the water can be considered relatively clean. However, if the rain fell over the plant, a dumping ground or cemetery, the water will soak up all the dirt and decay. If water gets on the field, it absorbs the particles of fertilizer, pesticides and chemicals, both at the level of the chemical composition, and at the level of the structure. Water entering the underground reservoir, can carry particles and information on all contact.

Groundwater – an entire system, so one can not confidently predict how clean and healthy will be water in the spring. Water from wells on the properties similar to spring. It is also possible to use only at your own risk. As for tap water as opposed to the spring she cleared of contaminants, but not totally clean, nor live, nor to call it a tasty yet not. In addition, many cities have piped water exists in the so-called closed loop, then have passed an aggressive cleanup of chemical exposure, she returns to the house, before it passed many miles of pipes.