The Person

The more mature more verbal communication is needed. When you meditate more, more love and relacionaras you. And finally arrives the moment in which only helps the silence. So the next time you’re with someone without contact with words and you feel uncomfortable, you should feel happy. It is silent and leaves to inform that silence.

Enjoy the silence: feel it and taste it. You’ll soon see. It has its own communication, which is larger. Higher and deeper. And that such communication is sacred, pure tells us about the silence, this is the largest power that exists. Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Because all that exists are partial aspects of the silence. Everything that exists is generated in what does not exist, what does not appear.

All that exists are partial aspects of something that is beyond what we call manifest existence. Open is to silence is to open up the potential total, unconditional. Notes the effects of silence which are summarized in: to) Firstly, our mind clears, harmonizes and is delves. Our life is a permanent centrifugation to our outside of all our impressions, ideas, data, in a constant mix among themselves. In silence we allow that all this pose and be structured by itself. In silence we got that our consciousness capte what exists in depth behind the more apparent layers of our mind, our affection and all our sensitivity. (b) in silence, by the fact dig the point of consciousness, it increases the power of our mind and all our personality in an extraordinary way. Thanks to silence our inner sensitivity, i.e. develops that we train to refine our perceptions, subtle perceptions. In the supraconcientes tract, this perception covers all intuitive avenues. On conscious tracks, to capture in depth the present of the person and their situations. And, at the subconscious level, links us with life in all its forms and manifestations c) we perceive, we discover, strange this deep unity that is behind all the multiplicity of forms and manifestations. As strange as experience and ceases to be an idea or belief.

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