The Luck

AP? s to have if fed, andarilho was even so. It lou when it? it she was being removed of the table, the couple noticed that it had gold currencies under the plate. The unexpected money finished bringing luck and prosperity to the couple. The life followed its natural route when, certain time, andarilho came back to vilarejo Italian. When seeing that the couple had porsperado, it congregated the inhabitants of the place and asked for that they fulfilled the ritual to eat nhoque all day 29 of the m? s. thus, was made. Not? cia if spread, exceeded borders today and people of the whole world makes the same ritual: they place a note of 1 d? home (or notices of another Par? s as euro or Real) under of the plate, eat 7 nhoques in p? (? clearly that the plate has more than what 7 nhoques), and waits for the fortura and the prosperity.

One will detail? very important: the note that? placed under plate n? it can be used at? day 29 of the m? following s. It was in such a way that everything eats? or. Today, nhoque j? est? inclu? of the one in card? pious of the Brazilian restaurants and much people repeat the ritual all day 29 of the m? s. After all of accounts, sen? making well, badly tamb? m n? far? , n? exactly? Therefore, if voc? superstitious or it believes the luck, that such to eat delicious nhoque with white gravy? Who knows voc? n? the being? one of the fortunate ones as well as the poor couple that lived in the interior of the It? it read?