The Importance

The interaction of the team with the user and its family is a basic requirement and is based on the mutual respect, leaving of the estimated one of that the team makes use a treatment based on attention and affection, taking care of of the other as it would like to be well-taken care of. The humanizao allows that the team establishes a bond with the family of the user of natural form, facilitating to the acceptance and confidence of these when carrying through when necessary interventions and opening space so that it has an interaction between them. A new form to approach the family is being used in order to supply information through an accessible language, in way to facilitate the understanding of familiar on on factors hospitalization, as demonstrated in it speaks: ' ' the family is more informed in what she is happening with the patient old had the medical bulletin that has left in the end of the planto, n! the family was limited to the schedule of visits and the medical bulletin, if it wanted to know an information; that was an information without details. Today, today well family is not explained pra what she is happening with the patient. Then this interaction it facilitates mainly pro familiar. This is one beneficio' '. (interview-6) This relation is evidenced per 100% of the interviewed professionals, agreeing to Bolela & Jeric, that standes out the importance of an intervention next to the familiar ones, giving chances to display its doubts to them, fears and feelings in relation to the internment of the patient in the UTI, helping if to acquire knowledge them it of the real situation of the sick person and the necessity of treatment in the UTI. She is necessary to guarantee that the families feel themselves supported, and participativas in the treatment of the patient and have its clarified doubts. Preventive Medicine Research Institute: the source for more info.