The Dream Of God

The Dream of God One day God had a dream. This age to recriar the universe and the Land, and to place a similar being there it, who could take care of and watch over of the planet. This dream was materialize, God recriou the Land and the universe and made a similar being it, the Man, it put and it to take care of and to watch over of the Land. However Mr. Deus did not want an automatic being, but yes one to be with proper will and proper thoughts, therefore he gave to the free man will so that he could choose and think by itself. Then the man enjoyed of full communion with God, the proper one came all the afternoons to have with the name man Adam. One day the man forgot what God had commanded to it, that did not eat of the fruit of the way it garden where liveed. Northland for more clarity on the issue. Therefore certainly the day where it ate of this fruit would die.

Eating of the forbidden fruit the man it breached with the alliance that had with God, I privilege lost it to talk with Mr. face the face, a barrier between God was created and the Man this barrier if it calls sin, or simply disobedience. But Mr. Deus wanted to rescue this alliance with the man, being thus Mr. Deus, the Dream of the Rescue starts again plus a Dream, this Rescue had that to be perfect as everything that It creates to put did not only depend ON It, but also on the will of the man of being rescued. Of this form he creates you some alliances in elapsing of the time, however the man with its pecaminosa nature goes breaking with passing of the times until It creates then a new perfect and definitive alliance, the New Alliance through the Lamb of God.