The Condition

1. The child should sleep on a flat bed with a hard base, soft mattress netolstym and preferably with a special orthopedic pillow. Under such conditions persist during sleep physiological eskie bends spine, which reduces the risk of incorrect posture. It is desirable that the child was sleeping on the back or side, not on your stomach, or curl up. 2.

Seating a child to engage in the table, you must create an enabling him conditions for study. The sink has to be at the level of solar plexus. Should be put under the feet of the bench so high that they do not dangle, but not going up – the hip should be based on the seat Taking part of the body weight. The child should sit with the uniform support on both legs and buttocks, breasts at the same time very closely pressed to the table. 3. A child of preschool and primary school children have to move as much as he desirable. There is much talk about the adult inactivity, but many of today's children have the same problem – they move a little. A child is much more tired when he is in a stationary position than when he moves.

Therefore, the more a child moves, the less likely that he will in future postural problems. Monitor and promote the development of posture is best done with specific exercises contributing to the development of symmetrical muscles back. Exercises are selected individually, depending on the condition of the spine and makes it an expert.