The Abortion Debate Reviewed

In the column of journalist Miguel Patino, gives his views on Abortion and need to continue pointing out some inaccuracies that I thought I had already assimilated. Under the rule of law is legislated, not Hypothetical cases, but real and concrete statistics, for example when there is a reprehensible Rape, the woman is in the possibility of pregnancy this is real! But in a 0.6% possibilities. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.). Science teaches us that there are factors that complicate the pregnancy post Rape, for example 100% of women raped for 39 to 54% were not exposed to the rapist’s semen, 51% of rapists experienced dysfunction which prevents them from completing the act sexual.

Of all the women raped 43% of them was in any of these categories were taking contraceptives at the time of the violation, were IUD users, amputee I had tubal ligation through, they were very young or very old and did not ovulate at the time, or suffering from infertility or were already pregnant at the time of Violation, or develop a temporary Infertility Stress as a result of extreme emotional stress that provokes an early period post-rape, or delayed ovulation for delay in the onset of LH surge, luteal phase deficient follicular persistence, because the menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones and those of the limbic cortex and this reacts with the extreme emotional stress such as a brutal and savage act in violation … Read additional details here: Professor Roy Taylor. so that we can not say in favor of Abortion cases based on hypothetical minority or very painfully pitiful and there and that we repudiate and we sympathize with the victims, but we can not therefore bring into being a law that opens the door to Transnationals Abortion. Secondly, this debate is not Confessional, not religious, so do not the Church in the discussion, the bishop, the priests and religious believes as you say and every single citizen of the country, another reality is that throughout history the Church is always a moral bulwark but debate is between people who love life, the care and defend it and those who do the contrary, is a moral debate, is not a public health issue and go screaming members of some NGOs, who long ago should be investigated as repeated with great blunder of the current Minister of Health. That increasingly demonstrates its progressive public ignorance on the subject. Third, and here I want on behalf of the Medical Specialists .

The Skin

However, some factors affecting the condition of our skin is completely in our hands, but their impact is no less. Sleep. Newcastle Universitys opinions are not widely known. This is the simplest and most effective means of skin care. Click Dean Ornish M.D to learn more. When we sleep, our skin is refreshed, new cage. It is therefore important to sleep enough. In order for skin to look healthy, it is recommended to sleep seven to eight hours. No wonder the dream such length are also called “sleeping beauty”. Water.

In order for our body to get rid of the harmful results of different systems of life, we need a liquid. If you drink a day for six to eight glasses of liquid (approximately 1.5-2 liters), it will greatly improve circulation and accelerate cell renewal. If you drink lots of water, it is, paradoxically, prevents swelling and promotes weight loss. Nutrition. The food – it main source of vitamins and minerals necessary for normal functioning of our body. Between healthy skin and a healthy diet there is a direct and very close relationship. It is therefore important stick to a healthy, balanced diet. An unbalanced diet is, however, leads to the fact that the skin looks bad, which is a reflection of general ill health of other “invisible” bodies.

Exercise. Regular exercises promote circulation and increase blood flow to the skin surface and help its regeneration. You will not only look better after exercise, they have also long-term anti-aging effect. Exercise also weaken the negative effects of stress. Stress. Stress has a very strong effect on the skin. He is able to cause staining, irritation (“hives”), discoloration, dark circles under eyes. Constant state of tension leads to what is on your face appear more wrinkles! Try to relax facial muscles, do not frown, does not reduce his eyebrows, even when you’re in stress. Toxic substances. Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and other drugs are the worst enemies of your skin. Smoking causes narrowing of the facial capillaries, resulting in blood, oxygen and food are unable to enough to reach the skin surface. Facial skin looks older. Alcohol and caffeine have diuretic properties, meaning they draw moisture from the body, which leads to dry skin. If you drink lots of coffee and alcoholic beverages, you should drink plenty of water and to restore lost moisture of the body, especially the skin. What do you do?

Why French Women Do Not Get Fat

While the whole world is experiencing a real epidemic of excess weight, a French remain the standard of harmony and grace. It is interesting to ask why French women do not get fat? Psychologists believe that all matter in the ability to get out of life satisfaction. But there is no contradiction here? Indeed, in our view: having fun – this is not to limit myself in anything, including food? Indeed, the French (and French), so what, what, and in food do not limit yourself. Eating in France is a real cult. Here are just a pleasure to receive the French are not on the amount of food eaten, and the quality and variety of food. This approach allows French women, without changing the main principle of life, which sounds like a savoir-vivre – a taste for life", not to gain weight and stay slim.

However, the taste of life as any other flavor to develop. In France, this quality is inculcated from childhood. This is facilitated by and traditional French cuisine, the strength and charm is enclosed in a bright little things that help sharpen savoir-vivre. Another feature is its small size portions (generally, the French adore all the miniature: dogs, cars, scarves, coffee tables in the brasserie. Even the breakfast they called petit dej – a small lunch"). And this feature allows French women to eat for one meal a lot of dishes, but in small quantities. At that time, both in countries where the majority of women suffer from overweight, eat a little food, but in large quantities.

It should be added that French women do not consume low-fat, no sugar-free foods that have no natural taste. They eat natural products, but in moderation. That's why French women do not get fat by eating three times a day, not skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner, and certainly not a substitute for their cocktails for weight loss. And yet – French honored ritual of reception food: they do not eat hurriedly, standing, walking or watching television. There are still some features which should look more closely: French eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink little and often water, is often drunk dry wine, but only with food and only a glass or two (strong drinks are not popular in France). And most importantly: French eat with pleasure and not think about any diet! But that's not all French women prefer to move much, but the most pleasant, helpful and efficient gymnastics believe sex! So, the French do not get fat because they know the whole extent, are able to enjoy life, eat with pleasure and leave the table without feeling overeating and guilt. These qualities should learn, as they are part of the great ability to enjoy life and take pleasure in its details.

A New Image of an Old Life

Even restrained so as not to upset in public. Why …? It's such a joy to express our feelings. And what do you expect from life, what you do. Bring up grandchildren, take care of the garden? As it sounds dull. You worked all my life, waiting, when there will be freedom, and will not have to worry about anything.

This moment has come, you have only to choose what to do next. Enjoy the beauty around, travel, lead an active lifestyle. Behind the scenes life will become more saturated, and you will become an example for her friends. Try to rearrange the furniture. It is not only clean the air, but also save him from the trash. Anything that prevents you live "in the cell is not" must leave your home.

No need to store clothes and old shoes, you never dress, long yellowed newspapers and appliances, "old wives' time. All this should leave the house. Old drugs and unnecessary cosmetic – out! The house should be free to new ideas. Always keep in mind the image of his future youth. When we are young, I always fantasize happy tomorrow, and for some reason it goes with age. Never stop dreaming. Do not be afraid to build a castle in the air and move there. Remember! You always knew that the soul has no age. You're young and beautiful and behave accordingly. W aglyani his soul, and get over time. Let always there you are "born" new desires, is a road to the future. When you "Throw" is old, you will discover a world of new possibilities. Learn to be happy that you have, and will be happy. And is it beautiful on the outside, it is only within you. Awaken the self-esteem, and negative thoughts will disappear. When the "wake up" understanding of your uniqueness, you will gain a real love for himself.

Pointless Weight

You should not try to please someone else's tastes are constantly comparing yourself with some imposed ideal. Leave the right to live and how to look. Once your extra pounds are no longer for you with the most enormous, incredible challenge, your body will start to work in partnership with you. You will become thin and become such with what you did by nature. Before throw on the scales, peredavlivat waist measuring tape, getting tangled in the calculations and the calculations of what should be your ideal weight, you first take a look around and realize that all people have different body constitution. Some high and uzkokostnye, Other boned and small. There is a type of pear-shaped people – a thin top and heavy bottom.

Do not get to pick the same guidelines for different types of people. Your type of constitution you get at birth, and you it does not change. (Source: Martha McClintock). Pointless to dream of long legs and narrow hips, if you are born small with short bones. Recommendations for each type of person. There are people, so-called pituitary body structure – an elegant top and heavy hanging down.

Their problem lies in the slow work of the pituitary and they need to do exercises for its development (some yoga postures). Lymphoid type. These people poured into the weight and have a fairly large part of the body. As a rule, very hard to lose weight. These people are recommended to clean the lymph and do exercises on the trampoline. Thyroid type of people. This lightweight, long-legged and tonkokostnye people. Their thyroid gland is very vulnerable, so they may easy to recover, and it is easy to lose weight. Adrenal type. These are people with broad shoulders and narrow hips, no waist. They need to engage in unsportsmanlike kinds of movement (dancing, swimming, etc.). Recommendations to bring the mind to its normal state. An exercise – every morning saying to yourself – I love myself for who I am. 2 exercise – at night, eyes closed, reaching, smile every cell of my body. Walk down mentally from the top to the tip fingers, and think with love about each of his body – heart, brain, stomach, lung, intestine. Thank them for their good work, but at the same time apologize for those days when you hate your body. 3 exercises – fall in love with his body and to care for him as the groom for the bride. Buy yourself a beautiful thing. Tell me, showing off in front of the mirror: I'm proud of you and love only you. Forget about the betrayal, when I liked someone else's body, now that we have a black stripe behind. A when want to glut oneself, stop yourself, like this: Well, why do we need it, we're with you clear head and a beautiful woman. 4 exercise. It is not even exercise, and a simple recommendation. Sleep and sleep again. The brain must be rested. In a dream the body heals itself. The golden rule of sleep – one hour to 12 is two hours of sleep after midnight. Ideally, we should go to bed at 10. 5 – to conduct a systematic cleansing of the body from season to season. As for food, then the Japanese and Chinese (and they are not overweight), decided to follow the important rule – the food should be five flavors. Bitter, salty, sweet, sour and spicy or hot. Try to build their power on the harmonious combination these tastes, and your weight will come back to normal.