Sweeteners, in their vast majority, are not harmful to the body or cause inconvenience and severity in those who consume foods that contain them. Except for certain persons who, because of their particular characteristics, they are detrimental to your health. Then, aside from these exceptions, most of the sweeteners can be consumed safely in normal […]

The Spaniards

This scene is repeated several days and every Spanish just spending average 110 euros. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Daryl Katz. The Spaniards, at the head of Europe allocated u total between 910 and 950 for the expenses of Christmas among clothes, recipes Christmas, gifts and lotteries. A complex lottery for […]

Chipa Chipa

Pedro Ernesto Escurra Franco) nE ePOTY VORE (POETIC fragment) CHE REMBIASAKUE Ky? indy tava oka Teta arandu ryru Arroyo has nu pora Loma Pytame ajuhu Luikue has Sanja Hu Tenda chevy Tower step Jakarey Moreno ahague has Tovatingua Mandu ape ahejata Ka ka’aguy has ysyrype Akaray Yguasupe Monday has Parana step Romero has Laura Juanita […]