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The Gastric Plicatura Knows The New Weapon In The Fight Against The Obesity

That it is the Gastric Plicatura? One is a novel surgical technique to treat the excess of weight. This procedure is becoming a very attractive surgery because they are not realised you cut to the stomach or intestine and are not used staples or some other prosttico material. The Gastric Plicatura, is a relatively simple procedure (in experience hands), it is realised by laparoscopia (that is to say it does not exist the necessity of " abrir" to the patient), the time average of duration of the surgery is of 60 to 90 minutes, with one night of hospital stay. This procedure consists of which by means of sutures (seams), the gastric capacity is reduced progressively, until leaving reservorio gastric of approximately 100 ml, its normal volume is of approximately 1000 ml. The gastric plicatura combines the advantages of some traditional methods like the gastric band or the gastric ball because he is very simple, safe and reversible with the effectiveness of procedures more complicated risks and like bypass gastric or gastric sleeve. In comparison with the gastric ball, the Gastric Plicatura offers a greater loss of weight and the capacity to be a permanent treatment (the ball must be retired to the six months). Still and when this technique is relatively new in our country, already studies and pursuit have been realised in patients to but of 7 years.

Which have proven their security and effectiveness. Which are the advantages of this procedure? It does not require you cut in the stomach or intestine. But economic. It does not require you implant. He is REVERSIBLE, because he is not mutilante. More insurance is less invasive =. He is more effective than the gastric band. If you wish but information you do not doubt in contacting to us, we are here for ayudarte. It receives a warm Greeting Dr. Vernal Hctor original Author and source of the article.

Basque Jesuit

Investigations realised by Jose A. of Laburu S.J. ; priest and doctor Basque Jesuit. Laburu father says to us that the conduct of the man, or its behavior, is a product, resultant of mltipes factors that include two fundamental groups: organic biological and psychic the psychic one. Each group is integrated by subfactors. Click Dean Ornish M.D for additional related pages.

In organic the biological one, we found the following subfactors: the central nervous system, the vegetative nervous system, the glandular internal secretion system, cellular metabolic processes, cellular and humoral ionic modifications. The psychic psychic group, the subfactors of sensations, associations, memories, imaginations, affections, experiences, intelecciones, volitions enter and whichever conscious or unconscious psychic facts are in I. The resulting product of the interaction of all the somatic-psychic factors of an individual, is the one that determines its behavior or its conduct. The biological factor plus the psychic factor is equal to present Conduct. In the will it is the rudder that governs and governs the course of the behavior of the man.

But that power of the will, does not include everything, since factors exist on which no influence can exert. What influences can exert the Will in the organic factors that take part in the conduct of the man. The biological factors that can influence in the conduct of the man, can be genotpicos and paratpicos. The genotpicos are those that come by paternal or maternal hereditary route. These factors are endogenous (that are born from the interior). The paratpicos: they are the acquired biological factors in decurso of the life, as much uterine, as after the born being. In the Section " Salud" you will find articles of verified quality, related to " the power of the mind and the care of cuerpo" ; to others of other subjects, for a personal and spiritual growth. Original author and source of the article.

Educative Proposal Adaptation

In order to be able to do suitable valuations, considering that each student has his own times, the strategy is to establish a rate adapted to its particularitity and necessity. Global Curricular proposal General aspects of the Curricular Adaptation According to the N.E.Es of the students, a curricular adaptation must be realised (accomodation or fits of the common educative supply to its possibilities and needs). Educate yourself with thoughts from Cardiologist. We will leave from the base of which the intervention method will have like basic characteristics an approach of social interaction, base of learning and structuring of the personality of the students. We will put into play the affection of intentional form, with corporal and verbal contact. Once we have located to the student with respect to the Educative Proposal, through the Curricular Evaluation, psicopedagogo, in essential collaboration with different professionals (speech therapist, physiotherapist, educator, etc ), it will have to make an adjustment to the Curriculum of effective Education, being able to realise an adaptation of access (modifications of space resources or communication) or a curricular adaptation, that will be more or less significant based on the diversity and the degree of incapacity, or both.

In the case that occupies to us, Autismo with slight mental delay, the adaptation will be significant, since the general proposal usually is quite remote of the needs of these students, since it will demand a priorizacin of certain nuclear contents of the curriculum and different temporisation. To the significant being, the adaptation for of associated form and according to a psychopedagogical valuation. The adjustment of the curriculum will affect the objectives, contents, groups, methodology, techniques of education-learning, evaluation and activities. The Center, considered like the normalizador and integrating context, is one of the important elements for these students with special needs, because it must be motor of enrichment of the processes of construction of the identity and the personal autonomy, thus having to count on suitable the personal and technical resources.

Latin American People

The 1 of January of this 2011, Tiempo.com I publish the results of the study realised by the company/signature of investigation of markets: Initiative, call ” Reset” generation; (To see the news). Mainly one concludes that the young people of today in Latin America we are more mature than before, and we go directed made one more independent, preservative, frivolously and mature a generation emotionally. In addition, this investigation warns that the young people of these times are readier, faster and more sociable, leaving in evidence also a evolution in the knowledge. It is possible to write down that the interviews were realised by Internet to young people of layer 4, 5 and 6, whose age oscillated between 18 and 24 years of age. (A valuable related resource: Preventive Medicine Research Institute). Doubtlessly that the previous thing represents new a panoramic one in the perspective and observations that are realised in the area of youth. Nevertheless, reasons exist that contradict the declared thing in that document, among them, the World-wide Report of the Youth (2007) of the UN, where in spite of indicating one slight one improvement of the young ones on the field of the education, indicates paralelamente that the poverty and unemployment are daily situations that seriously affect the youth and that goes every day in increase. In the same way, the situation is critical in our Latin American region, since the advances are relatively few compared with the other regions of the world.

We remember on the matter that these analyses were realised in this blog, with the publication of two articles, which can be consulted (to see Reality of youth and to see young people in numbers – Latin America). Cardiologist is actively involved in the matter. In regard to the exposed thing, we would have to consider the results of the study like conclusions very hurried, because it represents a research deceit, that begins with inaccuracies in planning, elaboration and formulation of the investigation, since it was applied in sectors that they constitute a minority of problematic main and the urgent ones that the great majority of young people bears, adding to him logically that surviving young people of this reality, to a great extent they are not part of the layers selected by the study; and finalizing with the presentation of the results, in the sense that they evaded the analyses and debates of much more deep previous studies that simple interviews, like that we finished listing of the UN. In order to conclude, it must be indicated that the spaces of the young people of nowadays are different and they have some other challenges different from those from more ago than three decades; but concerning the social commitment, to the poverty and unemployment, among others aspects, unfortunately we have decayed radically until so finding us in the so deplorable conditions and difficulties misrrimas by that at the moment we suffer. PS: In some memorable occasion, it asks to him a sociologist What thought of the exaggerated use of ” networks sociales” like Facebook and Twitter? , immediately it responded: ” Before abrir the virtual spaces to integrate us the human beings, which stimulates is a to close to us before the others, limiting our competitions comunicativas”. Its answer agreed and so it thought. What we did not imagine, is that the situation would get worse still more, with the excessive use of Blackberry and the cellular ones with instantaneous mail. On the basis of the previous thing, I promote the spreading of the following video, that hopefully and serves to us as reflection.

Eastern Zone

The marine Ballast town is stopped forced for whatever it visits the Eastern zone of Asturias. Its lofty streets, trufadas of large houses of century XVII, they are now popular scene of running of the series of TV Doctor Mateo, and to ascend by them is the prelude of the wonderful views that we can contemplate from the stop. To eat in Ballasts is a experience.The town probably deserves more than a gastronomical visit, since there is a great variety of restaurants from the caretaker to the high kitchen, based magnificent raw materials between which obvious it honors the fish. This is a small contribution that we hoped to extend or to modify according to the circumstances: Rte. Descanso (985850462): The slope to the Ballast beach, according to one enters the town coming from Colunga. Homemade food to very reasonable prices. To the being a closed enclosure the children can move without worrying to the parents much.

He has a good parking alongside. Eutimio restaurant (985850012): A referring one in the lastrina kitchen of all the life. Excellent fish and seafood, to reasonable price; by 40 50 Euros can be eaten really well. It agrees to reserve in advance if it is wanted to enjoy the tables with a view to the sea. Restaurant the Viewpoint (985850365): In the viewpoint of San Roque, only by the spectacular views already it would deserve the visit, but also it is possible to be eaten very well of step. The Potbellied one of Bertn (985850445): With chef Alberto Asensio at the top the Potbellied one offers a very good gastronomical experience to us with an excellent average price. Alberto has worked with ” Adria” universe; of the Bulli and Benazuza and that seal of high kitchen trasluce in its letters.

Original Treatment

It is defined as acufeno to the perception of a sound without a sonorous source exists produces that it. A great variety of acufenos exists, like thus also causes produce that them. The pulsating acufeno is a variation of these, whose possible diagnosis reduces to a much more small number the causal ones of the same. The pulsating acufeno (or tinnitus pulsating) is characterized by the perception of a sound in the ears, and that suffer this symptom accuses to listen to a golpeteo, drumming or continuous beat within the ear. This type of acufenos usually is chronic if they do not treat and its elimination or diminution depends on the treatment on the pathology produces that them.

The possible causes of tinnitus pulsating can be divided in two groups according to the center of the causal anomaly of the same. Anomalies you will tilt: Tumor of Glomus, carotid estenosis, congenital arteriovenosas malformations, prominent jugular bulb, benign intracranial hypertension and aneurisms of the intratemporary portion of internal carotid. Other anomalies: Dysfunctions of the cardiac valves, disease of Paget, hipertiroidismo, anemia, febrile syndrome, malformation of Arnold Chiari, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases of lifted cardiac cost. In many of these cases the associate pathology is perfectly treatable, and once eliminated the primary affection, the symptom of the pulsating acfeno will disappear. For example in the case of the hipertiroidismo, the sobredimension of the thyroid gland is the person in charge of the compression of the arteries of the neck, which generates an amplification of the sound of the cardiac pulse in the zone of the ear. When eliminating the gland by surgical means or to the being atrophied by means of radioactive iodine, the pressure on the arteries stops and with this one the beat in the ear. For the cases of diseases or nontreatable malformations, many possible treatments exist to attenuate the annoying effects of tinnitus.

All the alternatives of treatment will have to be studied by doctor, who will have to find the treatment that better adapts the patient. There is a well-known but very effective method little that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear for always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, there are Click Here.

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