Fitness Definition

It is difficult to give an exact concept than the word fitness means. It is very difficult to separate the concept of fitness than the fisicoculturismo it has been coming announcing for more than 50 years. Healthy life, correct feeding and physical exercise. In a question-answer forum Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. was the first to […]

Eastern Zone

The marine Ballast town is stopped forced for whatever it visits the Eastern zone of Asturias. Its lofty streets, trufadas of large houses of century XVII, they are now popular scene of running of the series of TV Doctor Mateo, and to ascend by them is the prelude of the wonderful views that we can […]

Original Treatment

It is defined as acufeno to the perception of a sound without a sonorous source exists produces that it. A great variety of acufenos exists, like thus also causes produce that them. The pulsating acufeno is a variation of these, whose possible diagnosis reduces to a much more small number the causal ones of the […]