Hospitalizing Kids

The hospital is an institution of attention to the health that possesss a specific purpose and demands of the professionals who in it also act a specific knowledge. This fact can be one of responsible for the formation more the technique of the professionals of the nursing, considering to be the team in bigger contact with the patients. Hospitalization generates ambiguous feelings to the family and the children, associates the suffering, pain and also to the cure possibility (Collet and Oliveira, 2002). For the child, the experience to share its privacy with who is uneven it did not know before, did not have previous affective contact. Of this form, it will not be felt to the will to display its you distress for the nursing team. Considering this aspect, the nurse must offer itself for the aid in the doubts of the child and not wait that they look it to the patients. It is not of common-sense the use of generalizadoras attitudes only in reply the questionings, since the moment that the child is passing does not bring it freedom to deal with personal questions with the team. To know a hospitalized child, Rasp et al (2006) points with respect to the necessity to keep the desire of really knowing it; time availability, so that will of the child occurs according to; knowledge, so that it magoe nor does not force it the nothing; preparation technician, proceeding from the acquired previous knowledge; beyond the self-knowledge, so that it respects its proper limit and it does not finish estressado for this activity, to take care of of children. Collet and Oliveiras (1999) also point that it can be of much aid in elapsing of the internment of the child the presence of affection figures, the familiar ones that it to request.

The Messages

In the truth, to become an eschatological study a historical, etimolgica, symbolic evaluation becomes necessary, psychological and, because not to say, spiritual of the messages that deal with the revelation. The biggest difficulty, however, to become an eschatological interpretation says doctrinal respect of the interaction of these evaluations without personal influence or interests, not it runs away, therefore, to the same joined difficulties inside of the hermeneutic study or exegese. Many of apocalyptic literatures treat to supply information necessary to bring to tona the truths that if they judge disclosed. Verifying the content and the literary style, it can be concluded that the messages, before being religious, defend the matrix of interest of the proper author, or still, psychological reactions influenced by the historical moment at which it met inserted. 3.ANFIBIOLOGIA 2 OF the DOUBT Independent, of the forged interpretations, the false ideologies presented for the scholars, that auto if they judge owners of a possible Truth, the comparative analogies between the forecasts scientific and the historical prophecies, they in such a way confirm great number of coincidences of events in what it says respect to those predicted in the past, how much the ones that tell futursticos events.

If the nature goes to suffer radical transformations in its structure, does not have doubt, if because of the man or for cosmic phenomena, the truth that as much the astrology, as astronomy agrees to this point. The system politician is under the power of a man, the ideological monopoly of the world, waited for diverse religions. Science, in turn, through the comment, of the statistics of studies and experiments has proven that many of these vises correspond With the facts. Not to make a simple comparison of the facts With the forecasts or prophecies, would be simply to become insane in the traditions of the world and to run away from a reality each next and fatalista time.