The Time

Many people fail to expand your consciousness of abundance because they have played a number of misconceptions regarding the accumulation of money, they think that having lots of money the following situations can happen: they become insensitive, materialistic, selfish, you will lose to others, shall be proud, etc. You may want to visit Barbara Martin Coppola to increase your knowledge. All the negative ideas with respect to the money they make sense, it is true that some that such situations have been observed and will continue but are not valid reasons to make us abandon our ideas of abundance and to think that the same thing can happen to us we must never accept such claims, for example every day die hundreds or thousands of people in car accidents and that is not a reason for the cars to stop, on the other hand every day we see more, like wealth, there is no reason to not accept it in our lives because that will allow us to have a better quality of life and be better people. In the book I’m happy, I’m rich you will find great reasons to achieve that your subconscious you schedule the wealth and most importantly you can find methods to change the instructions in your mind and you can finally enjoy peace, freedom and wealth in your life, read this book may overcome many fears that in the past have been away from your dreamsof things she loves and that he will fill an enormous happiness.


Ozone is a gas whose molecule consists of three atoms of oxygen, ozone for treatment is a blend of 5% ozone and 95% oxygen migraine migraine or migraine frequently manifested by headache located in the forehead pulsating character, sometimes radiating to the eyes and can be located to one side of the head, accompanied by of nausea or vomiting pain increases with light and noise is triggered by anxiety, insomnia and stress or by the intake of coffee, cheese or chocolate. It occurs in women aged 20-50 years; It can be that a notice with a decrease in visual acuity, sensation of tingling or even the decrease of strength in the arms and legs. There is a first phase with narrowing of the fine vessels in the membranes that cover the brain in migraine. In the second phase, there is a widening of the fine vessels. Proinflammatory substances (histamine and serotonin) that irritate nerve endings occur in the initial phase. At the level of brain mass in dilation, there is a decrease of the activity of nerve cells (hyper-polarization). BENEFITS of the ozone in the treatment of the MIGRAINE ozone is regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic in migraine or migraine widening of the vessels thin, there was a decrease of watering of watering, of the oxygen and glucose, ozone facilitates transport and use both of the oxygen and glucose in the area suffer. The application of ozone rectal Insufflation of gas.

Stockholm Conference

As was to be expected, one of the by-products of the summits of the Danish capital on climate change, would have as a by-product, a wider dissemination of environmental issues. You amazes them of these meetings and thematic, they did not do more than stay in their antagonistic positions. Those positions they had been hinting since the 1972 Stockholm Conference, is profiled in the Eco 92, and confronted openly from Seattle in 1999. The block called hegemonic expanded 8 G, it did nothing more than ratify what has been agreed in L’Aquila in July this year. He has not said or done anything new, for which we have been following as equitably as possible to found paradigms that comes processing these issues. It is not easy, rid itself of the ideologizadas prospects that supports everyone who is interested in these topics. In particular, caught my attention what was said in the parallel Summit of mayors (mayors), and much common sense had his statement terminator Schwarzenegger, or as it is called, then the Governor of California. China’s and (has already coined the neologism Chimerica, to symbiosis, articulated with the bonds of the U.S.

Treasury in the hands of the Peking Dome) his peculiar relationship with the United States, is not more than a step more toward the visibilization process that starts with the liberalization of the Chinese economy that started in 1978. Acerbic criticism that is generating this model that combines the social disciplining with the transnational strategy are known. Once more it is clear Brazil alignment with respect to American interests. Not in vain they participated in the second world war the allies, nor received because if the country label key in era (Richard) Nixon. We must remember that the Lula of Brazil is spokesman for the positions of the MERCOSUR.

Still endure echoes of the fall of the Berlin wall, and it would be good, even for the most critical, assume that that occurred. The uncritical or critical positions they should assume that asymmetric globalization/globalisation is the stage on which should work, those who wish to participate. Those who do not, know that they will also experience the consequences of what they do in their respective quotidianity. And this asymmetric globalization has as components of fund the energy crisis, the food emergency and climate change.

Gain Muscle Mass

If you are part of the subjects who want to improve their appearance to look a much more prominent body, you should know some indications when you make training to gain mass muscle, since that sometimes instead, lost many more calories from those due and deficiency in food consumed do not contribute to this goal. For a beginner, the ideal is to start with a routine to slight muscle mass and increase intensity to create greater muscle volume; If the opposite is achieved is that lost energies are collected from the poor tissue size that is possessed, is essential to have patience in adapting to the body at higher values of wear energy and help to consume high doses of carbohydrates. If it will start with a workout for muscle mass we must apply activity in different areas of the body and if we are going to do so in a gym, we cannot separate the routines according to muscle groups using these 5 exercises as an example and varying according to the day of the week and applying the intensity resistance and strength that is gaining. 1) Lifting with free weights, front foot: develop muscles in the anterior sector, firmness in shoulders, part of your back and biceps. (2) Average deadlift, using weights: trying a minimum time to lean on bench. It develops thighs. (3) ABS: very common and practical to develop the area of the chest.

(4) Rowing in machines: to exercise much of back muscles as they include the muscles of the upper back width, infraespinar and round higher. (5) Leg extension: with or without machine extension with this exercise worked for the volume of the thighs in the femoral quadriceps muscle. The bread and the proteins in the sport are great helpers to the weight gain, it’s better if you opt for those inputs varied without feeling obliged to food consumption, if it is constant provided that it maintains rest for 8 to 10 hours after the workout for muscle mass will be achieved successful results and improvement in physical aesthetics. To see which is the plan tested for any man naturally skinny can finally increase muscle mass, please click here.

Body Language

Nonverbal communication is the process of communication through which you send and receive messages without words, i.e. given by signs and signs without any structure. These messages can be communicated through gestures, body language or posture, facial expression and eye contact, communication through objects such as clothing, hairstyles or even architecture. Non-verbal communication plays a key role in the day to day of every person. Body language is an essential part of human communication system. In modern human non-verbal language makes sense paralinguistic allowing to extract information about the State of mind or other contextual information about the issuer and has influence on the understanding of the message.

For example, the little fluidity in speaking usually denote nervousness or lack of knowledge about the subject. It is common that in their daily performance human beings make gestures and give nonverbal cues interpretable by others such as grimacing, movements of arms, hands and fingers, etc. When we talk with others face to face the same usa gestures or does things that attract us attention, but these gestures show things; for example: caress jaw represents decision-making, interlacing the dedos-autoridad, give a jerk to the oido-inseguridad, facing down-do not believe in what is heard, wipe the manos-impaciencia, tighten the negative nariz-evaluacion, tapping the fingers – impatience and as well as these there are many more. There is no point saying something with our words when our body or our gestures or suggest another. On the other hand, intentional body language, also be used to send a message to the public or persons. Political figures use it and take advantage of to take advantage of others leaders with which they must deal.

Investigations show that only 7 percent of communication is through words; 38% by the tone of voice, and 55% of impact is determined by body language, postures, gestures, eye contact. So when we communicate with the others 93% is non-verbal. If you can read body language, every moment you spend with someone, it becomes something very valuable or powerful. Conclusions. Body language is important in many human communicative exchanges and properly complements the verbal discourse. When the body language of a person is out of the norm (normal), may be a sign that not all is well. This same exploits in the investigations of crimes when they interrogate suspects. When we talk about (or listen to), our attention focuses on words rather than body language. Although our judgement includes both things. An audience is simultaneously processing the aspecto verbal and non-verbal. The movements of the body are not usually positive or negative in themselves, but rather, the situation and the message will determine your assessment. Hence the phrase says is worth more a gesture that thousand words has a lot of truth. This is a Ramon Salgado Taboada contribution to the field of organizational communication from the Masters in leadership developer University ICES for the Federal Electricity Commission.