Mona Bleher

Nursing Elia from Pforzheim informed people are older, then they come mostly in the situation that they need professional help. Alternatively to the accommodation in the nursing home, there is the possibility to hire a home care service. The out-patient care service Elia from Pforzheim informs about the decisive advantages compared to a nursing home. […]

European Holiday

Montezuma s revenge at the turn of the year give no chance many people are planning to escape to the turn of the year the cold season with us and to spend a few lovely days in the heat. With proper preparation, the holiday can be enjoyed also correctly. However, there are also risks that […]


Outsmarting the fatigue with March edition of healthy medicine as always, when the cold season to end, about half of the population in Germany is struggling with the same problem: spring fever. Read more here: Dean Ornish M.D. You feel tired and without drive, has little power and little enterprising, impaired concentration, and headaches are […]

Ian Without Bad Breath

Kisses to taste more when the mouth is healthy (djd). Some dissolute life is simply part of the great days. And many Honorable wife can be in the Carnival Rob Kiss themselves, they would not otherwise assigned. Bald or beer belly, everything sends his apologies, if the mood rises, only one not: bad breath. But […]

What Do The Burns

Burns is not to be trifled with. Proper and consistent action is needed here. Burn so it helps now correctly immediately help: they burned up? For slight Burns, cooling the wound under running water and give fire ointment on it, and connect the wound loosely, but sterile. You should apply never for more serious burns […]

Medical Supply Store

Health case wrong seats – which helps a Chair is a Chair? Isn’t it? He must be comfortable, seat and backrest adjustable. And sit on this Chair, every day in rigid position then 8 or more hours. The back hardly touched the rest despite the Lordosekissens. A few minutes a trained person just keeps perhaps […]