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OAO Autodiesel

Operation of engine JAMZ JAMZ engines are powerful and economical engines. Reliable and easy to use. However, we must remember that life is largely dependent on careful and regular care. The requirements to be followed to protect your engine from damage, and yourself from further repair and purchase of spare parts JAMZ. 1.

Correct operation of the motor and long term egosluzhby are in direct Depending on the culture of exploitation, so it is necessary to conduct vnimatelnootnositsya all maintenance work. 2. During the break-in of the new engine is running-JAMZ its friction surfaces, so Further efficiency in the engine depends largely on how well respected the rules of running a new engine. 3. Lubrication of the engine made in accordance with the 'grease table. " The use of lubricants materials, not specified in the table are not allowed! 4. Coolant temperature of the engine should be in the range 75-100 'C. 5.

Not dopuskaetsya sharp increase speed immediately after cold start engine as the thickened oil slowly comes to the crankshaft bearings and a large number of revolutions can be displayed Bearing izstroya. The University of Chicago: the source for more info. 6. When operating the engine JAMZ monitor oil pressure in the system lubrication oil pressure drop below 300 kPa (3.0 kgf / cm) at rated engine speed malfunction in the lubrication system or increased wear of bearings crankshaft. 7. When tightening the nuts CHT strictly maintain the frequency izadanny torque. Zatazhka nuts moentom large or small, will lead to a breach of containment seals and gaskets burnout, especially since the leakage of water or oil in this way can not be repaired. 8. To avoid breakage categorically zapreschaetsya include starter at running or unstoppable engine. 9. On engines use filter elements having a certificate conformity issued by the respective centers of the certification and admission to their application, issued by OAO Autodiesel 'manufacturers.

Internet Project Motors

Have you dreamed of someday create my own car? And the founders of the Local Motors Jeff Jones and Jay Rogers, decided to realize his dream into reality. It all started as usual in America, in a simple garage. The site opened on these guys Just two years ago, but now in the Local Motors community four thousand engineers and fans. Their idea of strangers brought together people from different corners of the earth, with each other that are going on the Internet for common cause, and together reach the goal. The purpose of the community Local Motors – designing and making machines that are like themselves. The first result is already there, designed by Kim Sango Fighter Rally Fighter is already sold in the United States limited edition of 2000 pieces. The price of the car is high – $ 50,000, but the car that this piece goods! Rally Fighter is trubo-diesel engine with 265 hp 3-liter. At the time of writing the post was made pre-66 orders for vehicles Rally Fighter.

The most interesting thing about all this, that the drawings of machines can take on the site any registered user.) There are some limitations, but almost all projects You can refine their own and build on their base of your car. I would suggest that our plant, to refine the concept. Local Motors and start producing, but I’m afraid they screwed up there. Site-community work something like this. Organized a competition for a concept car ‘which will make the car? ” Community-designers sent their options.

Site users, including those who are interested in buying a car, discussing the decision (which will be design, what materials used, how economical would be a car, how to reduce its costs and much more). Vote selected the most worthy model for future cars. Then users consult, where possible place an order for parts, where to collect the car where paint it.d. Site administration chooses the best model and coordinates the production. Because of me still has not been in an entrepreneurial streak, I thought it realistic to to create something similar in Russia, began to search through the Internet and the law. In addition we have even bikes in the garage to run the chain of command and approve the drawings, so more and rally around the Internet Project engineers and promdizaynerov almost unreal. You also can try to participate in contests concept cars. If your project wins, you get – 10 thousand dollars. That’s what to buy invented cars you will not be enough, but it is used cars:).

Športové oblečenie, dresy, doplnky a príslušenstvo nemeckej značky JAKO. ... Nachádzaš sa tu: Futbal Futbalové dresy. Futbalové dresy.futbalove dresy shop Futbalové dresy a súpravy za neuveriteľné ceny. Futbalové dresy od nemeckej značky JAKO SPORT. Perfektný materiál, špičková značka JAKO. V ponuke futbalové dresy Jako a futsalové dresy Jako. detský futbalový Futbalové dresy sú vyrábané sublimačnou technológiou, ktorá zaručuje brilantné farby, životnosť, stálofarebnosť a dobrú odolosť voči praniu. futbalove dresy detske Dres Barcelona futbalove dresy pre deti 2015-16 Messi 10 Domáci futbalove dresy na predaj / Dlhý Rukáv.Futbalove dresy na predaj, Sme internetový obchod slovensko. Rôzne kluby a reprezentačný dres. futbalove dresy pre deti. Môžete si zvoliť tlač čísel a mien.
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