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New Psychics And Advisors Leopold On ASTRO Star

The team of Astro star is reinforced by a new and experienced consultants. The consultant Portal Astro star, which specializes in individual and personal counseling through clairvoyance and Tarot online, is proud to introduce his new Advisor of Leopold. Leopold relies on a variety of different esoteric methods to anyone seeking advice in every area of life, no matter whether love, career or finances, to be able to help. In addition to the angels Tarot, which he successfully lays for several years, Leopold is versed in the field of dream interpretation. In the interpretation of dreams, he tries closely together to work to complete the true needs of a person, which are often deliberately displaced and oppressed by our conscience to light with the person seeking advice. Leopold works more than 10 years of experience with the methods of interpretation of dreams because he is of the opinion that a person only through the realization of the true needs can lead a happy and content life. Leopold also on trusting, and loving advice is also an open ear for problems and questions of all kinds.

Leopold is not only a gedultiger listener, but also as an avid problem-solver. Through its broad life experience he gained as a freelance artist and professional opera singer, he can solve most of the problems of everyday life quickly and effectively. The extensive consultant profile is rounded off by Leopold by his knowledge of the consultant methods of parapsychology, as well as his expertise in dealing with grief. Coping with grief is an important focus of Leopold and he could help deal with vonTrauer of all kinds, already countless people. The consulting of deal with grief includes not only normal coping with grief, which often is caused by loss of close people or raised, but also the coping with anxiety and avoidance by own blame. Leopold will be approximately 20 hours per week for discussions of all kinds available. Of course, Leopold can be reached even should he be not available or accessible through the callback function which is on the Astro star platform available.

Viewer Healing

Highly energetic and powerful energy images on canvas, perspex, wood and aluminium are available in the ‘Earth Angel Family’ online shop. Healthy living, sleep and healing pulses through multi-layer energy images. The exclusive energy pictures are produced with high healing vibration in limited editions. Energy and spiritual images are available from the media artist Karen Ripplinger now colourful plexiglass and aluminium or stylish canvas and wood. The function and effectiveness of energy images by their symbols, colors, proportions, and much more, accompany mankind for millennia. The energy images to combine the energy of life and send to all who consider them and thus provide vitality and harmony in the surrounding space. Educate yourself with thoughts from The Cleveland Clinic.

Energy images also force images, space energy called, pictures, soul images or medical images are created by medial talented artists in a sort of awake meditation. Here, these people leave images create their spiritual assistants by her hand. Da These images often arise in many layers of paint in several sessions, the media artists usually even not know immediately what messages by means of the layers to include in their structure, color and proportions at the end. This will be revealed only after completion of the work the media artists by meditations. The information that include such energy images should be harmonious, balancing and vitalizing force. Also, if only the top layer of paint is visible at the end, everybody including are lying still present and to unconsciously influence the Viewer. Consequently multi-layer energy images can cause the creatively guided healing artist Karen Ripplinger, containing a healing pulse in every detail. In total, a source with very high and loving life energy should arise thereof, which provide both individuals, groups, and even rooms with a subliminal power. The healing medium Karen Ripplinger has many findings according to own information in this field won. You working to provide these aspects of being through the power of images and the often associated healing poems to the people and to bring closer.

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