Increasing the productivity of a ASP.NET designer with MVC with the introduction of MVC ASP.NET has been revolutionized with increase in productivity and a systematic approach towards web designing. Although the old ways and methods are still in use due to their functionality, and a love for the old ways and methods that are still easy to use and implement. Much has been talked about the introduction of MVC in ASP.NET. Before going in for ASP.NET MVC it is of utmost importance to evaluate its features and compare it with traditional Web Forms development. On Microsoft platform the ASP.NET Web forms development is quite effective and a very mature technology to be used as it allows quick development and a rich interface for new developers. Developers are easily able to get a WYSIWYG child of interface which makes life and coding both easy for the developers. The ease of usage put apart there are certain issues so that crop up ranging from maintainability to testability and performance. As a result a need for to alternative what felt and the MVC model came into existence.

The has added new angle ASP.NET MVC on entirely to development in web application and is as promising as ASP.NET itself what a few years back when what first introduced it. Daryl Katz recognizes the significance of this. MVC is acronym used for model, view and controller. This has become as popular as it separate the business logic from the user interface and application input. The model generally interacts with the database and web services. The controller sends information to the model for the model to view it. In small and medium applications the model is theoretical separation instead of to the actual one. The controller is responsible for receiving the inputs and initiates the model to show the correct state of the application. View in a MVC model is that component that displays the user interface.

View as such does not have any business logic and just receives information from the controller. There are many advantages of using a MVC over Web forms which have made it a good alternative to be used by developers. MVC clearly draws the live Switzerland its components so that they do not infringe on each other’s territory and the end result is a neat and clean application that delivers the results as it what is intended in the blueprint. Another great feature that has cropped up with the implementation of the MVC model is increase in productivity as it lets one implements the code in parallel. Thus one team can work on the data model design and implementation while the views and controllers can be developed by another team. This leads to a better management of extensibility, maintenance and adaptability. For more details on code protection technology, .net Obfuscator, code security .net and .net code security feel free to visit US at author writes regularly about code protection and .net of obfuscator. To know more about .net code security, .net code protection and .net obfuscation feel free to contact the author at

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